November 2018

  • Flying under the radar.

    Under the radar If living life under the radar is something you want to do make, sure that you understand what you’re doing. There is no quick fix once you initiate this. Society does not like it when you do not play by their rules. I paid off my vehicle loan, cut my credit card…

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  • Cast Iron Care

    Cast Iron Care

    Cast Iron Cookware will last beyond a lifetime Once times are tight, you are going to have to conduct maintenance yourself on everything if you want it to last. No more putting good old stuff to the curb just to go to the store and buy a new latest and greatest replacement.You are going to…

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  • Life on the run

    Life on the run

    Life on the run As a former law enforcement officer and licensed private investigator who believes in being prepared, one of the scenarios that I plan for is life on the run. The reason doesn’t have to be because of a criminal violation. It could be an angry ex spouse or maybe you witnessed something…

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  • Educational Channels

    Educational Channels

    Many shows on TV nowadays have good information. You could say that in a way they are educational channels and are geared toward ones interests. When you apply for certain professions, sometimes the application process requires psychological tests to see if you’re sane enough to work in insane conditions. After a while the questions stick…

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  • A Preppers Thanksgiving

    A Preppers Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving While I was walking my cattle dog Lucy around the compound, I was looking at the rabbit tracks in the snow and I noticed the top layer of snow looked like broke glass. I stopped for a second then it hit me it’s November.In law enforcement it’s the time of increased depression and domestic…

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  • Survival Spices

    Survival Spices It will be easier to stay motivated stay healthy and survive tough times with a good meal in your stomach so try not to spill your milk and Oreo’s onto the key board while reading this. Survival spices will help in seasoning our food Most preppers are Do It Yourself people. They convert…

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