Beyond the fish bowl

Get out of the trap

Living life in today’s world can be very hectic at times to say the least. Preppers should remain focused on the important thing’s and live life beyond the fish bowl.

Networking with people from other countries has it’s advantages. A learning process can take place under the right circumstances. The term “Beyond the fish bowl” is just that. Getting out of the box that the news, other peoples opinions and our own government like to place us inside of is necessary for our survival.

Don’t believe everything you see or hear

So many people are influenced by their surroundings. It is human nature to conform to our environment as a basic form of survival. Have you ever wondered though if what you see and hear are indeed the facts? I believe we should question everything. Having contacts for information outside of the country for example, can give you an avenue to check if what you have been told is the truth.

The television for example is one of the worst places to receive trustworthy information. It is heavily influenced by political propaganda and opinion’s from companies that try to tell us how we should think. The root of the influencing stems from corporate greed.

Establishing trustworthy friendships abroad

Meeting trustworthy people on social media has become very challenging. The restrictions that companies like Facebook and Twitter place on free speech directly inhibits the flow of important information that people try to share. Every once in a while though, someone comes along that shares common interests and views of the world as you do.

I myself have a friend in another country where we receive much negative information about. Having the ability to compare notes is priceless. I plan on cultivating the friendship and as long as trust is not jeopardized, I believe the friendship will grow. I can also say that much of what we hear negatively about my friends country is not true, and it is important for all of us to gather information from multiple sources. Thank you Wu Weiwei for your loyalty and different perspective.

Reliable information is part of the preppers arsenal

Having reliable information is just as important as having long term food storage or tools for self defense. The ability to receive and disseminate real time accurate information can mean life or death. If you don’t already have reliable sources in place as a part of your prepping then you’re already behind.

We must develop our sources based upon each ones needs. Our needs vary from person to person. Each situation is different. You must set up your sources as per you and your family’s needs. Whatever you do to establish these avenues, don’t rely solely on one or two.

That’s all that I have for now. I hope you all are doing well. Please feel free to follow my blog for more helpful information with your prepping needs. Live your lives to the fullest and always take time out to let your circle of people know you love them.


2 responses to “Beyond the fish bowl”

  1. Compared with the United States, the information in China is more closed. In terms of politics, we don’t have the right to vote, so most people focus on how to live and work happily and let their families have a better life. It’s just like the news in our country always propagates the rampant gun use and school shooting in the United States, while the United States propagates the lack of democracy in China and many people smuggling to the United States. It’s all about letting people see what the government wants them to see

    • You are exactly correct Ms. Wu Weiwei. It is indeed all about seeing what the government wants the people to see! There is no perfect place on this earth. The benefits of one country has it’s downside as compared to another that is better and worse in opposite ways. There will always be killing’s for as long as man and woman walk this planet and there always has been. If gun’s aren’t used then a knife will or some other object. The heart of man varies from each individual. Most of the killing’s here in the USA are committed by the mentally ill. For example, there was a school shooting just yesterday in the state of Tennessee, USA. The shooter was a transgender male turned female. The authorities knew about the mental instability of this person but still allowed him/she/it to possess firearms. The trouble isn’t the gun, it’s the person and people need to stop blaming anything other than the individual for these heinous crimes.

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