Building Defense Networks

Knowing your neighborhood

When I was a child, people knew their neighbors by first name. Our parents walked the neighborhood and waved at everyone on the block that they seen outside. The neighbors children would come over unannounced and they were always welcomed just like family.

We played together, fished, gigged frogs and even quickly settled disagreements. Nothing like a good ole bare knuckle fist fight when tempers flared. Our friendships we’re quickly mended within a day or two. Even though we carried the black eye or busted lip for a while to remind us of the event.

Getting to know people within your neighborhood nowadays isn’t easy like it was back then. During my lifetime, those people that we once knew have moved away. Our friends went away to college and married. Some we have maintained friendships with but visits aren’t always convenient as we also have lives too.

Building your security network

Just like my friends that I grew up with, I also eventually moved from the neighborhood where I grew up. I quickly noticed how much harder it became to establish friendships and trust with new people that I met. Trust is always an issue for anyone who has seen the true evil in the world. Especially if they participated combating against it.

It’s very important that we make an attempt to get to know our neighbors even more nowadays. The only exception to this is if in doing so may put you in a position of being harmed. Situations like where you observe your neighbor having lot’s of traffic all during the night at odd hours. Groups of strange people frequenting those houses, drinking alcoholic beverages and using illegal drugs may give you a sign. You may consider not having your children hanging out over there. If not for the safety reasons then for influence.

Fortifying your your home zone

I recently had the pleasure of meeting my new neighbor Bob. He bought the house next door from the previous owner who was not very friendly. The first meeting was a very brief introduction. I considered the possibility of my new neighbor being approachable. I made this assumption by the Trump 2020 sticker across his trucks rear bumper. This president is far from perfect. He has however done more good for the United States than any other president so far. With our shared interest with him, it was easy to strike up a conversation.

The next time that I saw Bob was while I was outside doing yard work. We again had a good conversation about several things including this website. He seemed very interested in in the topics that I write about. I texted him the link after giving him my cell number and him sending his back. A couple days later, I received feedback from him. He stated that he had shared my website with his friends and family and they all really enjoyed the articles.

Peeling the onion

Further conversation revealed our shared interest in firearms, planning for WTSHTF situations and even prepping. I also learned that he has a bug out bag ready to go. He also shared good information about gun shops in the area. Furthermore may introduce me to a licensed FFL who has some really good buys at his gun shop.

Bob and I both know the importance of fortifying our homes and zones around our homes. Having good reliable neighbors on your team is highly important in insuring you and your family’s survival.

Wagon Forts of the past for protection

One of the earliest examples of using conjoined wagons as fortification was revealed in a Chinese historical record. This is known as the Book of Han. During the Battle of Mobei (119 BC), A general named Han led his army through the Gobi desert. He was attacked by forces of Yizhixie chanyu. The wagons were circled and staved off attacking forces.

Many examples of using wagons in a circling pattern to fortify against an attack has been talked about throughout history. Even during the first settlers being attacked by Indians. Building a wall against attackers as a first line of defense helps to increase survival.

That being said, It is not always possible to build walls around our homes as restrictions apply. What we can do is expand our wall by using our network of resources within our neighborhoods. Having friends and like minded neighbors nearby is similar to forming that wagon train circle. I for one am very fortunate to have friends like Bob next door and active/retired military neighbors near my home. Hopefully WTSHTF, like minded people will engage against an attack and assist their neighbors instead of hide or run away.

Solitary planning is a death sentence

I’ve heard people say that their plan is to build their castle on ten or twenty acres of land. Then make an impenetrable barrier from attacking people or forces. It seems as though people forget examples of attempts in doing such things as has been tried throughout history. One of the most recent was the siege on the religious sect Branch Davidians and David Koresh.

Attempts to fortify the compound was quickly overtaken by Federal and local law enforcement. They left a total of seventy five people including women and children dead. This event is known as the Waco Siege.

Examples like this should be considered when planning such a shelter. The ability to stave off attacks from attackers getting your supplies will only last for a short time without plentiful resources and military assets.

Greater is safety in numbers

Usually, only highly trained military have the ability to survive in the wilderness for months or years with very little resources. For many people, this is not an option. We have family’s to protect and take care of. Some have special needs. Some are suffering with health issues. Many wouldn’t survive a week on they’re own without someone to care for them.

Developing your network of friends or like minded survivalist’s within your zone will improve your family’s chances of survival. We should pay attention to what we have experienced from the Covid-19 virus and how it has affected our communities. Preppers aren’t so crazy anymore as many have learned from this experience. The fake world that so many thought was so perfect, quickly shut down from an invisible attacker known as covid-19. I for one was ready for this but learned about some areas where I was weak. What did you learn? Be sure to leave a comment and follow my blog for more great articles.


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