Electrical Energy Efficiency

How Electrical Energy Impacts Our Lives

When SHTF it will not matter if you stay at home or escape to your bug out shelter. How electrical energy impacts our lives on a daily basis is important. Energy helps feed us. It keeps us comfortable. It provides us with light and entertainment. Most of the time we don’t even think twice about electricity but it is embedded very much into our daily lives.

Electrical Energy Use Breakdown

According to Visual Capitalist.com, this is the break down of the average Americans estimated energy use.

Appliances: Dishwasher 2%, Oven 3 to 4% based on one hour daily use at 350 degrees, Refrigerator 4%,  wells and septic systems 5%.  Clothes washer and dryer 13%, Microwaves 3%.

Entertainment: Desk top computer and accessories 2%, TV cable dvd players, modems and routers 3%,

Comfort:  Air Conditioning, Heating Units and Ceiling fans 47% 

Lighting: 12%

Electricity Vampire devices are using electricity 24 hours a day and 7 days a week driving your power bill up and wasting your hard earned dollars

Becoming More Efficient

Things like computer, printers, routers, modems, answer machines, phones, gaming consuls, cable boxes and television sets all have clocks. They have internal systems which constantly  require constant electrical power. Ceiling fans running in unoccupied rooms do little to reduce temperatures all of these waste power.

Consider unplugging coffee maker, microwaves , putting things like gaming consoles televisions and cable boxes on power strips.  When appliances break, replace them with Energy Star efficient  appliances.

My Personal Experience

After the last hurricane came through Central Florida in 2017 we were without power for a month. This allowed me to identify essential items requiring energy which make life bearable. Since I had many pets, it was impossible for me to relocate to a government shelter.

Interior lighting, the ability to prepare meals, environmental comfort, some form of entertainment and personal hygiene just to name a few. Deep water wells and septic tank pumps all function on electricity.

Alternative Methods

Gas generators can’t be ran 24/7 constantly without over heating, being refueled or breaking down. They are noisy and will need to be monitored when used.

Many ave converted to solar panels and wind generators. Both of these means are expensive to convert to and will take many years before they pay for themselves. Consider designing a highly efficient home or shelter. Consider what you’re environment has to offer.

Here in the San Luis Valley, most homes use propane to cook and heat. Even if you fill your exterior tank that supply of propane will only last so long. Immediate resupply will not occur if times get rough or weather is bad. Having a wood burning stove is a viable option to replace propane and electricity. Wood for fuel is also a consideration.

Final Thoughts

Take the time now to conduct a energy survey of your residence or shelter. Understand how appliances operate  and what will be needed to keep them functioning should a power outage occur. Examine your options consider alternative energy sources and develop a back up plan. Don’t wait until something happens to test your plan because it might be too late.

 As always be safe and healthy my friends.

Ralph Tcat.

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