EMP Protection Options

What to Expect

The results of an EMP Emission can be crippling to a country. It can cause electronics to stop working affecting everything from you’re cell phone and automobile to disabling everything we rely on for our survival which we typically take for granted. The long term effects can be devastating.

Off Grid Preparation

With the possibility that such an event can take place, what steps have you taken to protect yourself? It is unknown how broad the resulting damage will be. Be prepared for living off the grid until our normal way of life is restored.

The Experts Say

I have talked with experts who recommend to stock up on supplies for a minimum of 6 months and for as long as 2 years. Most foods that have been canned typically have a shelf life of 1 to 4 years if stored in a cool dark location. Freeze dried and dehydrated food has a much longer shelf life at 25 years or longer.

Quality Water Purification

A good quality water purifier will be a necessity. One of the best I have found is the the Berkey. Without drinkable water, the average person has typically 3 days or less to live. With the priority of having life sustaining water being more so than food, This should be first on you’re list.

Personal Protection

Bear in mind that in these times, life will be very trying. It will be extremely challenging for those who have not prepared. You should consider options for personal protection for you and you’re family. Many people in today’s world live a sheltered life. Everything that you need or want is just a click or phone call away. Such an event like an EMP can set us back even to a primitive level. Primitive living will also mean that the laws of survival will apply. Many people have already spent more on firearms and ammunition instead of food supplies for themselves. They’re plan is to take what you have.

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