Should seeds be part of prepping?

Hybrid vs Heirloom

Unlike heirloom seeds, hybrid seeds are produced by manually cross-pollinated plants. The hybrid seeds characteristics are improved through breeding and result in improved traits such as Higher yield, Better Color and more resistance to disease. Hybrid seed cannot be saved. New seed must be purchased for each planting as seed from the first planting doesn’t yield true copies. It is typically used in large scale agriculture.

Heirloom seeds are a cultivar which have been grown in earlier periods during human history. They are not used in large scale agriculture. Many heirloom vegetables have kept their traits through open pollination. The heirloom seed would be the seed of choice for the endprepper due to its ability to reuse seeds from previously grown plants.

My personal choice for prepping

As part of my doomsday prepping, I added the Wise Heirloom Seeds. After conducting a great deal of research on the subject, I found that because of the 4 year storage capability and affordable price; they were my best option on a budget.

Vegetables Hybrid vs Heirloom

Vegetable Heirloom Seeds

Fruit Hybrid vs Heirloom

Fruit Heirloom Seeds

Herbs Hybrid vs Heirloom

Medicinal Heirloom Seeds

Using Seed for Barter

As part of prepping, you should also be prepared to have items to trade. When the SHTF like most EndPreppers are planning for, debit cards, credit cards and cash won’t do us any good. You will need a good supply of items that will hold value to others for bartering purposes. Seed will be a highly sought after commodity in those days as people will need to eat.

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