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Ligusticum Porteri Root
Ligusticum Porteri Root

Ligusticum Porteri

Roots like Ligusticum Porteri, “The White Apache” also known as bear root or osha root is a perennial herb used by the Zuni people to cure body aches. The plant is native to the Rocky Mountains. This piece was found in the woods out side Crestone Colorado.

The How

Always check with you’re physician before attempting to use any alternative method to treat medical conditions.

It has been reported that by crushing a small piece of Ligusticum Porteri root and soaking it in water to drink as a tea helped to cure sore throats.

Navajo People credit the brown bear who have an affinity for bear root for leading them to this powerful medicine.

Other Methods

The resin from a Pine or similar trees has been used to plug a nerve on a cavity tooth or should a filling fall out during survival situations.

Crushed Garlic applied to insect bites or minor cuts has been used to prevent infection. Warm olive oil has been used to treat ear infections and loosen excess wax build up. Boiled root of Mullen has been used as a cough syrup. Yellow spined thistle is boiled and has been applied to burns and skin sores. Bonset tea to aid in the treatment of colds.

Use Caution

When using plants or roots, make sure that they are positively identified and know how to prepare it. Plants will be very high in potency depending on the season when picked.

The medications are applied as an infusion, decoction, poultice, expressed juice or splintering agents.

Other Reading

Power has a article of Native American herbal remedies and the SAS survival manual has a complete list of plants and what they are applied for. Do your homework. Research pictures and information on the plants from reliable sources to learn how they are prepared.

You know your current medical condition and situation so understand none of these cure a condition overnight. Give them time to work.  If the situation allows. Always seek proper medical treatment.

As always stay safe and healthy my friends. Follow our blog for more great articles.

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