Lost Knowledge

Time Forgotten Traditions from lost knowledge

The lost knowledge of Pioneers and First Settlers of the old west was a wealth of information. They lived through hard times with very little resources. In those days, people lived off the land by using primitive tools to carve out gardens from rocky soil.

Their homes were crudely made and many only had dirt floors to walk on. They carried water from shallow wells that they dug in the ground or nearby creeks and springs. The meat they had to eat came from modest numbers of livestock that they raised. Much of the meat was smoked to preserve.

Lost knowledge of food preparation

In those days, it was typical to have a smokehouse for curing fresh meats. They built crude wooden buildings that had racks for hanging slaughtered livestock. After the meat had been salted and prepared for smoking, it was hung inside of the smokehouse.

An external fire source containing smouldering hardwoods was used to supply the heated smoke into the smokehouse. This was done for a period of time until the meat was cured. The dried meat could then be stored for an extended period until it could be consumed. More can be found here on The Meat Preserving and Cutting Guide Link.

Long Term Food Storage

Another item in the lost knowledge of pioneers that was used regularly was Pemmican. It was first invented by Natives of North America and later passed on to Western Explorers. Pemmican was a portable, high energy food. It was nutritional and would last for long periods of time without being kept cool.

The vast knowledge that the early settlers had about using wild growing plants and fungus for edibles, helped sustain life for generations. Many of the preserving methods they used was much healthier than preservatives used today. More can be learned about preparing Pemmican and edible plants from The Lost Ways Link.

Homemade Pemmican
Homemade Pemmican

Information Lost through Generations

Very few people alive today know all of the ways and customs for everyday life that our ancestors knew. Some information has been passed down through the generations in remnants. Many people today have no real understanding of survival methods since life has become so resourceful. Modified versions of what once was has evolved from being passed down through the generations.

Life is ever changing and humans are adaptable even though they don’t always like change. To prepare for every obstacle would be impossible. We are resilient in nature. We can adapt should there again come an event that takes us back to the early days ways of life.

Don’t just Survive. Thrive!

Survival to me is just getting by in life. It is only having the bare minimum that one needs in order to sustain life. In a grim scenario. If one was lost and wandering aimlessly in the desert. This may be associated as a survival means to live. In just such an event, it would be hard to thrive. Due to lack of water and other life sustaining components.

Having Knowledge is the key to not only surviving but to thrive in your immediate surroundings during a catastrophic event. I’m not saying that you will have all of the luxury items or access to convenience like now. What I am saying is one can live well off the land if they invest the time to learn how.

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