Meat Preservation

Methodology of Meat Preservation

As a prepper, I know the importance of food storage. Having food available for times when accessibility may not be readily available is crucial. Food storage is a major part of prepping. Having Meat Preservation skills will be necessary for survival.

Preppers utilize many different ways to store food long term. Some of the options they use are storing can goods, freeze dried foods and doing their own canning. One big concern that many have are ingredients.

Many people have made adjustments in their diet due to health concerns and I am no exception. Being aware of additives in food products can in some cases mean life or death. Many meat products today have many of these additives added to them as a means of preservation.

Preservatives are unhealthy

Many preservatives that are used by companies in processing foods are very unhealthy for people. They increase health risks and contribute to cancer cases, high blood pressure and diabetes. The use of un-natural lab made chemicals in preserving foods have contributed to rising mortality. In using natural substances for curing meat and preserving foods, we have control over what and how much is being added.

Storing meat for seven years

A lost art of survival skills long gone are canning and curing meats. People today have the convenience of just running down to the corner market or fast food location nearest to them any time they are hungry. What if all of those luxury’s were gone tomorrow due to a doomsday scenario?

If you were prepared, you’d have emergency food on hand for such an event. Part of you’re supplies should include meats that have been preserved for long term storage. Having the ability to store preserved meats for up to seven years is a valuable skill.

How meat preservation is done the right way

My friends over at the carnivore store has brought meat preservation skills from the past and made them available to preppers. They created an easy to follow guide with all steps and healthy ingredients.

The ability to cure and preserve your own meats with healthy ingredients will add to your survival skills and be beneficial for WSHTF situations.

Meat Preservation and Curing Guide

The link to the meat preservation and curing guide link can be found here or by clicking on the heading above.

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