Practicing Survivalism Skills

Feeling overwhelmed by life’s personal and world events?

Ever wonder whether it’s all worth going through, saving for or putting up with? Fed up with living the rat race, fighting for instant personal gratification or compiling wealth? Look into Practicing Survivalism.

I grew up in a time when fear was real. A time when students in Up State New York practiced duck and cover drills in the hallways of elementary schools for preparation of a nuclear war with Russia. Waiting to be fried to a crisp at any moment.

Threats Were Real back in the day

I served in the United States Armed Forces when the battle front was considered to be in Berlin Germany and the training covered the threat of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. Sweating in a charcoal chemical suit painfully jabbing ourselves in the leg with simulated auto injection needles and trying to beat deaths clock.

Today’s world is combating a new threat from technology, religious and political beliefs. Personal political views and social media have become weapons being used against the general masses in every country.

Scary media articles fueling religious and political unrest in America. Canada rioting in France over rising taxes, economic collapse in Venezuela, war in the middle east and famine along with mass clan killings in Africa. Even Russia is having to fight its own internal battles.

Many problems today are self induced

It is so overwhelming. Nowhere seems safe. The political intuitions are battling and borders are crumbling. Free speech press is pitting black against white. Law enforcement against the general population. Law abiding gun owners against Victims of criminal gun violence. All power struggles in the name of making someone else rich. It doesn’t even feel safe in the San Luis Valley anymore.

Poor environmental practices have caused contamination and pollution of the air we breathe and water we drink. People are looking up to the stars wondering if a space asteroid will crash into the earth. They even think aliens from other galaxies will hit the restart button and give our planet a due over.

We Will Overcome with practicing survivalism

I ask myself “How will mankind survive?”. Do we as the human beings have the intelligence, skills and ability to recover and carry on.

YES, WE DO! Not because of NASA or because of any government’s political leadership. This planet will survive because of the Preppers like myself, Ivar Bergmann, Wiktor Duch and many more forward-thinking people using past times skills mixed with today’s technology to keep the spirit of life alive.     

The World has been around billions of years with mankind being documented back 3000BCE. Mankind has not evolved because of politics or religious beliefs. We have survived because of agriculture, manufacturing and trading. The global earth maps may change but there will always be casualties. Lifestyles will adapt because that’s what civilization has been doing for thousands of years.

Don’t stress or lose sleep over the world changing. It has to and always will. Try reducing your stress by participating in the change. learning new “OLD” skills and put away today’s stressful technology. Get active in the great outdoors.

Survivalism Is The Therapy

Relax and clear your mind for at least an hour a day before bed to rest better. Develop a game plan to change the bad things in your life. Attend classes to develop confidence and practice survivalism.

Survivalism is primarily a movement of individuals or groups throughout the world who actively prepare for emergencies. They span from adverse weather and environmental conditions to disruptions in a social or political order on a scale from local to international.

Emphasis on stock piling useful supplies not just weapons, gaining skills, and practicing survivalism with self-reliance.

With the ever-present threat from environmental disasters, government policies, nuclear war, radical religious beliefs, social and economic collapse even the Jesus Church of Latter-Day Saints teaches keeping a 3 month stash of supplies on hand.

Being prepared with knowledge and training is the best defense for the thing you can’t control.  Becoming a prepper and practicing survivalism will increase your odds of survival.

AS always be Safe and Healthy my friends.

Ralph Tcat.

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