Prepper Activities

Cards as part of prepper activities

Prepper activities are not a new idea. They’re are many creative ideas out there to help in training preparation for WSHTF. Many people enjoy playing card games to pass time. One item that I came across was a survival card game. It has a wealth of information and is a very inexpensive item that just may save you and you’re family’s back side someday. I bought one for myself and can be found at this link here.

Prepper activities
Card Games

Planning entertainment while without power

The likelihood of having no power during a catastrophic event is very high. If it is a Apocalyptic event, electricity may never be available again. Finding entertainment to pass time will be beneficial to our mental health. Maintaining that preppers state of mind will be a priority nevertheless.

Imagine living in a time without electricity. Having no working electronics that we have become so accustomed to. What preparation have you made as a part of surviving during end times.

Martial Arts and Combat Fitness Training in Prepper Activities

Many people enjoy being physically active. Another way to promote mental health and physical training is through Martial Arts. Many Combat Fitness Training programs have incorporated Martial Arts Techniques. Some of the best that I recall in my training is Grappling which is a form of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Including these into you’re survival prepping activities will keep you physically fit.

There are many programs available for people to get involved in to learn the techniques. Combat Fitness Training Programs are very popular nowadays and will help you and you’re loved ones to not only stay in shape but to also be ready for a threat.

Gardening is good for the Mind and Body in Prepper Activities

Another past time for living off the grid will be gardening. Growing you’re own fruits and vegetables will not only be a great way to pass time and promote mental health but will be a necessity. With food shortages and not being able to just run down to the local grocery store, You’ll need fresh vegetables and Fruits for survival. A proper place to grow them will be a necessity. Plans for Tactical Green Houses are found here.

Along with you’re Tactical Green House of course, You’ll need Heirloom Seeds to grow the fresh fruits and vegetables. I have written about them in a previous article and they can be found here at Should Seeds Be Part Of Prepping.

Whatever you decide to implement as part of you’re survival prepping activities will help to ensure you and your family’s survival. Having no plan will guarantee mortality. The time to prepare is now!


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