Barter System for Preppers

Using a Barter System

Using a Barter System during a Doomsday scenario will become a normal way of life.

We are a like-minded group of End Prepper’s who believe in being prepared for what ever our life time might throw at us. Basically being prepared for the Shiz hitting the fan. Have you ever heard the sound of Shiz hitting the fan? It sounds like; Marrrrinnee,(Marine) a little military humor.

So the dreaded day has come and gone. The electricity is off. There’s no work, no cash as Jerry Reid sang” your cash ain’t nothing but trash” That Buffalo nickel might just be worth something. That is why our government has stopped using silver, gold and copper when making our current currency.

Collecting precious metals

There are people who collect pennies. Not for the cash value but older copper based coins for the mineral value. Old JFK coins for the silver content. When the time comes, precious metals and material will become the new currency. The Barter system will rule once again during Doomsday.

The older pre 1960’s coins will be worth more than their face value in material weight and the news coins will end up as old man Johnson’s shotgun reloading material. Go ahead and trespass on his property and see if you don’t get a round of pennies in the backside.

When my roommates are out using metal detectors and spending most of the day hitting on old can pull tabs, they save them and clean the aluminum up for melting. It is used to make settings for jewelry and other sellable items. You’re trash may be another man’s treasure but I want you to still pick up after yourselves. It ruins our countryside and gives tell-tale signs of man’s presence if your hiding from someone.

Seeds and Vegetables

Produce will also hold more value than your paper currency. Being able to grow enough sellable food items will go a long way in keeping you safe and healthy. It may be time to rethink your expensive habits like cigarettes and Starbucks coffee. What will I do without my “Santa’s White Xmas” blend of coffee? The holiday’s will be ruined.

Growing produce is not as simple as putting a sed in the ground and getting a tomato. It will take a lot of prior practice and effort. Get a Farmers Almanac learn your area’s growing cycle start now with peppers and tomatoes to sharpen your skills . The same can be said for fruits and herbs.

Livestock For Bartering

Being able to raise livestock, chickens for eggs and meat. Cows for dairy and red meat, pigs for the good old America BBQ. Even Fish will have they’re place. You will have to be able to feed them before you eat them. Your environment will dictate what grows in your neck of the ruins. How do you plan to pay for what you need to survive.

It will be like the old Grizzly Adams days of bartering fur and mineral for coffee and bacon. Manhattan will once again be purchased back for a handful of shiny beads. The guy with all the gold and silver will be the guy protecting himself with a gun. I bet you I can get that gun for two eggs over medium, some bacon and a slice of toast when times are tight.

Minerals and Gems for Bartering

Go to the geological web sites now while there is still power and learn what material is fruitful in your area. Travel outside and pickup some samples so you will know what you’re looking at when the time comes. Gems and Minerals will be a great Barter System Commodity. A little tip “the better you can see through the stone holding to the light the more it will be worth”. A washed stone when wet will give you an idea of what it will look like polished. Bartering with fool’s gold will only get you shot.

Leave a Small Footprint

Respect nature, the environment and other people’s property boundaries. If you carry it in, pack it out. Even that discarded glass bottle can be melted down and converted to a reusable product. Check it see if it is safe before starting camp fires. Smokey and Yogi will thank you.

I hope this will enlighten you as to the kind of things you will have to consider several days after television goes off the air.

As always please be safe and healthy my friends.

Chris D.

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