Prepping skills of the past to prepare for the future

Reflecting on past prepping skills                           

Prepping skills of the past to prepare for the future are worthy technique to aid in one’s survival. The frontiersmen and prospectors of a time long gone knew how to survive.

Most big cities of today were developed out of small tent settlements of the past. Small log cabins with only one room were built on land if the location proved to be fruitful.

Old Log Cabin ruins
Old Log cabin ruins

Many small towns Like Tin Cup or Hooper Colorado would almost disappear off the map as the railroad redirected their tracks to more prosperous locations. Residents would pull up their wooden stakes fold their tents and move on.

Many Civil War survivors would strike out west instead of returning home trying to come to grips of what they had been through and searching for a new beginning that might make it all better.

Transportation of the day was by foot, horse, coach or rail and distances traveled were not much more than 14 miles a day. Trading posts and military outposts dotted the countryside.

Re-Inventing My Prepper Technique

When I started this adventure four months ago I was lost with no clear direction to go. It’s not a new problem because my life is very much about learning from the past as I prepare to go into the future.

My Uncle Richard got me to thinking about history and survival prepping as he has been participating in Revolution re-enactments since the 1970s. He is somewhat of a prepper himself. Back then he owned two firearms a black powder musket and a AR 15 rifle. I still remember the first time that he fired the rifles as it was very impressive to me.

Frontiers people and prospectors made this country what it is today. People like my Uncle Richard and their re-enactment groups are regenerating interest in the past by showing us where we came from.

Forty some odd years later, I find myself with time on my hands as I begin a new chapter in my life while living at the ML Mining compound. Very much like the frontiersman and prospectors of the 1880s, I find myself out west with two duffel bags of clothes some tools and my pets.

Preppers Today Can Learn From The Past

Prepping skills is a part of survival. I sharpen my survival skills by traveling out into the wilderness with only what I can carry and growing, hunting, cleaning and preparing my own food in order to survive. As part of my prep skills, I also search for rare gems and minerals. Something of value that I can use later on for trade.

Gold from prospecting
Gold from prospecting

This opportunity will allow me to see and live life from their perspective. This is a way of life that my brother has been living for many years now. What’s new to me is old and boring to him. Heck, I still get excited when I see a piece of shiny Quartz stone or Indian head penny.

With modern appliances of today like my water purifier and fire starters, helps in survival techniques. People back in the frontier days didn’t have these modern conveniences.

Researching how people lived in the past to understand their habits and knowledge of prepping skills that worked will help me to prepare today for surviving tomorrow.  I just hope I can live up to their expectations.

As always be safe and healthy my friends.

Ralph Tcat.

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