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Having adequate clothing to meet you’re end of times needs requires some forethought and planning. Surviving in trying times while wearing poorly made Wal-Mart clothing and footwear will not be the wisest decision to make.  If clothing wears out in 6 months now, it will be rags in less time then.

The old adage “You get what you pay for ” is very true. I usually wear out a pair of in expensive Wal-Mart work boots in less than 6 months the soles just do not hold up. I can spend about $100 on a pair of or Bates boots or Galls 511 Brand lace up boots and get 2 years out of them. The Wal-Mart brand wears out before the shoe laces.

The choice of foot wear should be dependent on the location you plan to function in. Hiking sneakers will not be as suitable as boots with ankle support in rugged or uneven terrain. Boots like Jungle Boots will dry faster in wet climates but not provide warmth in cold snowy conditions.

Stay away from cheap imports

Avoid any jungle boot stamped Made in Korea. They will not last and end up usually splitting where the heal is attached to the boot body. I picked up a pair of ROCKY brand 1070 boots on sale three years ago.  The brand was marked down because it did not make the current military testing cut but sure has lasted for me.

I hated shorts as a child but wear them all the time now and even on some of Colorado’s coldest days. I’m good in shorts for about an hour at 30 degree temperature even with snow falling. When the wind starts to blow, it’s time for long pants.

I’m in and out all day long while taking my remaining four dogs for potty breaks. The farthest I’ll go is a two-mile round trip walk with Lucy along the farming roads. I will not walk my pets across farmed fields and planted crops because I take the E coli issue seriously.

I’ve got two pair of regular jeans but fall back on bib overalls that I purchased from Cabelas back in December 2004. I even carried them in my motorcycle saddle bags for Florida wet weather days.  I like them because of the wide leg opening making it easy to pull on over boots.

You will also notice a difference in material in clothing that is sold in colder climates vs warmer  climates. My Colorado long sleeve shirts double as cold weather jackets in Florida.

You get what you pay for

If you are planning to tough it out in a rainy or cold environment, let me suggest getting Gor-Tex style pants and jacket.  I still use a camo Gor-Tex jacket that I purchased back in the 1990’s while serving in the military. I got tired of being wet and cold during field training exercises (FTX) which was going to happen just because it was a FTX.

Carhart style clothing is what you want if the temp’s are going below freezing for any period of time. Just watch the Survival Russia or FAR North Bushcraft and Survival YouTube videos. The participants are not sitting there in the snow wearing your basic Wal-Mart made clothing.

I took my dogs out for one last time on this Nov 2018 night. The temperature is in the single digits but currently no wind so it is bearable. I am going outside wearing my Rocky brand boots, wool socks, denim overalls, tee-shirt, Colorado long sleeve shirt and Gor-Tex army jacket. I’ll also be wearing my blue knit watch cap and leather gloves .

Layering is everything when it’s cold  and having the proper attire will allow you the chance to go out and enjoy the full moon and clear starlight night. You can hear the coyotes out and about and with a good cup of hot cocoa you can appreciate why you’re not living in the big city anymore.

As always be safe and healthy my friends.

Ralph Tcat


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