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One of the most important tools in your End Prepper kit should be several good portable light sources. They come in various sizes, light types and cost. There is even chargeable and disposable battery types. Here are some that have worked for me.

My first duty flash light was a 5 c cell disposable Kel brand flash light made out of good old USA steel. Good dependable light but we were forced to phase them out because some knuckle headed police officers used them for other purposes than a light. The brand name became a liability.

The agency installed Streamlight rechargeable units in our three patrol cars which meant they had to withstand the constant use as each car had very little down time. The on/off switches took a beating but the lights did their job directing traffic, building and property searches.

I moved on to a bigger agency which issued MAG Lights in each of their patrol cars. The only problem there was the new guys drove pool cars and half the time the issued equipment was missing in action so I ended up purchasing my own MAG Light.

Having a back up light was a smart move because being with a bigger agency meant more calls for service and rechargeable lights do take time to recharge. I always had one charging and one ready to go.

Now back in the good old days ( you know back when we would walk 5 miles to school in the waist-high snow even living in Florida) we did not have all the toys or options that are available today.

When smaller duty belt lights came out they were the thing to have. There was the Mini Mag and Streamlight Stinger series lights. I used both the Stinger Xp and Xp with the on /off button in the end cap. Nice to have the light ready to go on the belt when you jump out your cruiser chase some dirt bag into a vacant home.

Many years later I still have the full size Maglight and both Stinger XP lights both do their jobs but my supervisors in the profession feel the smaller lights are less offensive looking.

Of course they never confronted “Danny” the career dirt bag of Orla Vista hiding in a closet during a residence search. Your doing what your taught searching with flashlight in one hand and revolver in the other when you open the closet door and guess who’s standing there less than a foot from you. When he resists your going to hit him with something. I’ll let you decide which.

One thing I will say for both MAG Light and Streamlight brands is they both have very good customer service and warranty repair programs. I have my lights in for service with both companies with no complaints. Just the cost of shipping to them. That’s not bad in my opinion.

I’m big on backup equipment things that save your bacon when Murphy arrives on the scene and currently carry a J5 Hyper V flashlight in the back pocket when working midnight shift. Light and bright. It uses three AAA batteries and does its job while walking around the college campus and lighting up all the hiding places. When you’re away from your vehicle and the rechargeable finally dies, pull out the J5 and keep going until you get back to your service vehicle.

If I have any complaints with the rechargeable lights it would be with the cables to the chargers themselves. It is the weak point as the power cords are thin and tend to break internally over time. Power cords are wear items and not covered by warranty.

Consider adding a small 12v solar charger or wind charger to your bug-out bag equipment for keeping the light of your choice fully charged.

I hope this has enlightened you some. To quote a wise old tv police sergeant, ” Lets be careful out there”.

Be safe and healthy my friends.

Ralph Tcat

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