What do you have to offer?

Survival situation

As a prepper, I wouldn’t want to go into an end of the world survival situation alone.  I believe it would be like the Will Smith character in “I am Legend”.  No, I don’t think it would be a lot of fun so you would want to have partners. People who contribute to improving the survival situation.

Me, I’m not a Facebook  person.  I don’t want to be “Liked” or have 2000 friends.  I’m a loner.  I only have 6 or 7 people I call true friends.  People with the kind of character that if I left $10.00 on the table, it would still be there a week later.  People that I have worked with and been in tough trying situations.  They are battle tested by cold , rain, hunger, injury and in the fight with some pretty bad guys. “Battle Tested” those are guys I call friends.

Not the guy who sits at the Shell station his whole shift complaining about what the working guys are doing. The thing about my friends and fellow survivalist is that they all have something to offer. A pretty face and nice body may get you out of tickets but it won’t save your butt in a survival situation.

Talents will be helpful

So what do You have to offer?  Social media and computer skill?  Most likely you won’t need them when the power is off.  Great conversationalist?  You’ll be doing the dishes.  I won’t abandon any body.  I’ll find something for you to do and If you choose not too, you can do it on your own.

I’ll use initials so as not to directly identify anybody I’m talking about.  RCL is a disciplined Army Recon and Law Enforcement trained friend with hunting skills.  OM law enforcement trained mechanical inclined has hunting and waterborne operation skills.  JM has Air Force Military Police and fire arms buff.  He’s a hard worker and mechanically inclined.  WB has massive computer skills since high school.  WF has law enforcement and corrections skills. I’ve known since high school and also a hard worker.  FM neighbor hard-working auto mechanic and body guy. Keeps his daughters mud truck running.  The guy can do wonders with metal and paint.  GS has a pretty face, great body and super personality.  She has done wonders raising her daughter.  (yes you can bring your husband).

Me, I’m a dabbler with many years of Law Enforcement and Military training.  I learned to cook and prepare meals from some of the best television chefs.  I was EMS trained by SK at Valencia Community College.  He is one of the best instructors that I’ve ever trained under.  He’s very demanding, and needed to be.  Would you want someone half A–  tending to your injuries?

Everyone has skills

Out here at the ML mining camp, the guys all have something to contribute.  JD is a military trained outdoors man who knows his way around the woods and is a great camp cook.

PD and CH are very knowledgeable in outback and surrounding area.  All of these guys know the difference between minerals and rocks.  They know where to find them, which is important for when that green stuff in your wallet develops a new use. (Does a bear sh– in the woods?  Yes he does and those green backs have a new use.

If you want to survive with the least hardship, take stock in what skills you and your friends have.  Between PBS, the Internet and local Community Colleges you can enhance your skills and expand your survival network.

Be safe and healthy my friends. Be sure to follow our blog for more informational articles.

Ralph Tcat

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