Urban Survival after SHTF

Urban Survival

Urban survival in city areas after a catastrophic event will be virtually impossible unless you have made extensive preparation to wait it out.

Though there are endless possibilities of situations that could occur, Lets just take a look at only one crippling event such as an extensive power outage across the country that will make urban survival almost impossible.

Surviving without Electricity

I can recall a time back in 2003 when Hurricane Isabel trekked its way up through North Carolina. I owned a cabin on the side of a mountain there in the western side of the state. Isabel completely washed out my access road and culvert leaving me unable to drive to my house. Isabel also left me without power for about 4 days.

Fortunately, the night that it came through; I was at a friends house and was not trapped. Over the course of the following days, I had lost food that was stored in a deep freezer. The road had to be rebuilt along with the downed power lines repaired before I could return.

Now look at the Big Picture

Let’s look at this from an expanded view such as affecting the entire United States. Not possible you say? I disagree. No matter what angle you look at the possibility from, Catastrophic events have occurred all throughout history and the timer is counting down Now!

If you are now currently living in urban areas, you’re odds are very slim of survival. With power out, there will be no city water supplied to you’re home. With no power and water, there will be chaos if it lasts for an extended period of time. People will go into survival mode. Disease will be on the rise. Pests will run rampant and further distribute the spread of plagues and viruses. Being unable to just run down to the local market or Walmart will not be an option because the shelves will be barren. No fuel for vehicles and highway gridlock.

Friend or Foe

Your neighbors who always use to throw up they’re hand to wave at you, could now become you’re most feared enemy because they are running out of supplies and will be looking for a source to keep themselves alive. With phones down, don’t count on 911 to send the cavalry to you’re rescue. They’ll be staying clear of the mass hysteria in fear of trying to save they’re own lives.

If you are not prepared Now with supplies and a plan to get out quickly in the event of a significant situation, You Will Not Survive!

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