Using Minerals for Payment

The alternative to currency

Using minerals for payment will be the standard form of payment when times get bad. On a global scale do not expect your money to be worth much more than the paper it is printed on. What can you do to insure you have a way to purchase food and supplies in the future? Use gold and silver.

Mexico is the largest producer of mined silver and China is currently the largest producer of mined gold. The United States is the largest user of both minerals. Native Silver was first used dating back to 4000 BC and the using minerals for payment will probably never go away no matter how tough times get.

Many people are purchasing gold and silver bars as investments instead of placing all their money in the bank.  Newspaper articles are constantly warning of future economy collapse.

Gold in a glass vial that was previously found in a stream.
Gold in glass vial

Precious Metals Hold Value

Even now our older dollar coins and half dollar coins are worth more than their face value just in the material used to make them.

The United States Federal Government first started minting coins back in 1792 using steel and silver in the coin blank process. Silver color coins printed until 1967 contain up to 90 percent silver coins printed after 1967 are mostly made of copper and nickel.

Because of silvers ability to conduct electricity it is also used in many automotive electronic switches and medical devices like the electrodes in Electrocardiogram machines.

Mining is a process

Many people think they will just be able to go out and mine for these minerals themselves not understanding that most mined precious minerals are mixed with other minerals. They will need to be separated in a dangerous and costly leeching process. Poisonous chemicals like Cyanide and Mercury are used in the leeching process and can contaminate the environment if not used correctly.  

Mining companies are required to post a bond with the US Government when filing claims for precious mineral mining rights as a way of controlling the process and preventing pollution. Most of these bonds are expensive making it too costly for the average working person to file for these mining claims.

Alternative recovery methods

Panning for gold or mining for silver in different locations throughout the world can be a fun hobby. A more affordable way of recovering precious metals is from automotive parts and electronics.

The Federal Government will tell you that defacing or destroying US Currency is illegal but if things really get that bad I do not think the law will matter.  Half Dollars made from 1965 to 1970 are 40% silver and silver change made before 1965 were 90% silver and 10% copper.

Look for gold, silver, or platinum jewelry and separate by carrot type. Silver wear and heirloom items are also good items to find. All of these can be melted down in to bars or pieces of eight coins.

I once stopped at a mom and pop convenience store in Winter Park Florida and learned they would not accept debit cards unless the transaction was over $10.00. What do you think will happen when the system gets hacked or society falls apart? Try buying a bag of chips and a Dr. Pepper for the ride to your bug out shelter? 

Old junk silver ring found in with costume jewelry.
Old silver ring

A little on recovery

For the Smelting process all you need is a carbon or graphite stir rod, crucible or foundry, good leather glove, a suitable gravity fed mold and a heat source like a kiln or propane torch. There are several YouTube Videos which provide instruction on this topic.

Always act safely and use caution as the melting point temperature are high 900 to 1700 degrees Celsius.  The average store-bought silver bar is 91.5 grams sterling or 3 ounces. Make you bars thin enough to breaks off 3 consistent sized pieces, so you will have currency you and spend when needed it. Using minerals for payment will help get us through the tough times ahead.

As always be safe and healthy my friends.

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