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As part of my prepping venture, lately I have been researching a great deal about Shipping Container Homes. With a great deal of information to be found on the Web, it’s important to choose a reliable source. One of my top choices is through Adam Ketcher who provided me with an abundance of information on the topic. You can learn more by clicking Here On This Link

Shipping Containers Are Everywhere

Almost everywhere you look, shipping containers are in use. They are widely used in transporting cargo from other countries by ship. Due to their rugged and weatherproof construction, they are ideal for transport.

Once reaching land, shipping containers are unloaded from ships and placed on either trains or trucks. The precious cargo inside of the containers is then transported to either a transport hub or a final destination.

Shipping Container Homes are cheap to build

On average, shipping containers can be purchased for approximately fifteen hundred dollars each. I have found some for as little as five hundred. The versatility of the containers make them easy to arrange in either vertical or horizontal positions. Containers can also be buried underground for stealth and only require a minimal amount of land.

Transporting the containers to you’re property can be provided by many transport companies who are for hire in your area. Moving the containers on your property location will need to be done with heavy equipment. Usage of Crane, Front End Loader and Backhoe’s are commonly used for positioning. These types of equipment can be rented or services provided by earth moving contractors.

Designing a shipping container home

The first step in planning for building a shipping container home should be it’s location. If you plan on burying the containers under ground, you want to have a location that is not going to be affected by water seepage. While many containers may weatherproof, they are not water tight. Having good ventilation will be very important as well as proper septic drainage. Stacking containers will not be a problem as they are designed to do so.

Many times the containers are joined together by cutting holes and welding sections together. They can be placed on end standing up but will need supporting if above ground. Stairs and windows can be added easily to the containers.

Material costs are whats appealing

When you factor in the costs of wood or concrete and labor, The shipping containers can be very appealing for construction. Homes are basically boxes. Getting a good deal on already made steel boxes verses building out of wood or concrete can be a much cheaper but stronger choice than wood. Spray foam insulation works well in coating the inside of containers. Drywalll or paneling can be used for finishing.

Bugout shelter or Full time home

Whatever you’re reasoning is for considering shipping containers for home building, you will not be disappointed. I will be building a shipping container home in the near future. Having a separate bugout location is a part of my planning for my family’s survival in a catastrophic event. As preppers, we can never be too prepared for the unknown. Having piece of mind that we have options available to help aid in our survival is priceless.

As mentioned in the beginning article, Adam Ketcher is the authority on all of the tips and tricks in building Shipping Container Homes. Please visit him here at this link – For accurate information on building you’re shipping container homes. Be sure to follow our blog for more information on you’re favorite topics.


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