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Everstryke Match

Emergency Firestarter

The Everstryke Match is a waterproof emergency fire starter that can be carried on you’re key chain. It can be added to a bug out bag, kept inside a vehicle or in the junk drawer at home.

I like the Everstryke Match because of it’s compact size and the best part of all was the fact that it was Free! I only had to pay for shipping and handling.

Keep extras on hand

I have several of the Everstryke Match Fire starters and keep them in different locations. Besides having clean drinkable water being our first priority, we also need food and shelter. By having the ability to create fire, we will be able to purify water by boiling. Fire will also be handy for cooking our food and providing warmth.

They make Great Christmas Gifts

These are perfect stocking stuffers for the holidays or even just little thank you gifts for you’re prepper friends! I guarantee that they will love having one of these little gems around. Its a way to show them how much you care for their safety and providing a useful tool at the same time.

I give two thumbs up

This one gets the preppers seal of approval and two thumbs up! Getting something for free is always great but usually its junk. This freebee however is practical and can be a life saver! I can’t say enough positive things about the Everstryke Match. Get yours here today!

The Everstryke Match is a compact and waterproof handy gadget. It is small enough to fit on you're key chain.
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Preppers Reality

Prepper Sources for information

I like to visit other Prepper Blog sites to see what their thoughts are on the various prepping subjects. Most have repetitive material but worth reading because I am always open to learning something new. James Walton of ASK A PREPPER wrote a very good article discussing ” 5 prepping RULES that are actually myths” it is worth reading. Each website has it’s own preppers reality and information according to what they find most important.

Most Prepper sites cover topics about Bugging out, Escape Vehicles, Defense Weapons, Stored Food Supplies and Useful Equipment. The best sites discuss useful skills needed to sustain yourself during various emergency situations. It never hurts to rethink or visit your “Dooms Day Plan”. to shape you’re own preppers reality.

My philosophy on prepping

My take on Bugging Out is it practical to think you can travel from Miami Florida to the Ocala National Forest let alone to the Blue Ridge mountains? Probably not. At age 55 and traveling alone, I moved my six cats and five dogs in a passenger van to San Luis Colorado. After 1800 miles 32 hours and many refuel pit stops, I was pretty much done. If it weren’t for me being stopped for speeding In Clayton NM, I probably would’ve killed myself on the upcoming mountains curves.

Depending on the event it might be wiser to shelter on site with several weeks’ worth of supplies, than attempt the logistical nightmare of traveling several hundred miles with other stressed out people. A re enforced structure or Great Room built on your property might better serve you and your family.

It’s a place you already know and can get to quickly. Traveling elsewhere requires refuel, maps, meeting up sites and safety concerns. It’s better to have your family make it to one secure location that you know and feel safe with.

Storage can create problems

If you’re making plans to hoard by storing many years of supplies, this can be a logistical and expensive proposition. It can also make you a target if discovered. If not done correctly all your efforts will be wasted.

If you live in a large urban area you might be better to storing several weeks of supplies and learning foraging skills. If you live in extremely rural or out back locations stock piling several months supplies and learning how to live off or use your local resources to supplement your inventory.

Storing anything more than two years’ worth of supplies can be expensive and not practical. Try buying a few well-chosen items each shopping trip and constantly rotate out your supplies to keep them fresh and usable. Get the experience of growing a garden in and outdoors. Heirloom Seeds should be part of you’re long term prepping plans. There are great long term storage ones available in vegetable, fruit and medicinal.

There is Safety in Numbers

Organize with your neighbors and develop a plan to work together by pooling your resources and supplies. One man alone is not going to survive long. We need to sleep sometime and we’ll need an extra pair of eyes to lookout. It’s better to work as a team in shifts. If you don’t trust your neighbors, then you’re probably living in the wrong neighborhood. 

As for firearms, I don’t think stockpiling weapons and ammunition will be a wise investment. Consider having a concealable handgun, a regular sidearm of same caliber and magazine type. A personal defense shotgun or rifle will come in handy too. For ammunition consider twice the battle load a military soldier would carry on a mission on hand. If you are sheltering in place or reside very close to your bug out location, maybe stockpile more. The only good weapon is the one you have immediate access to on your person WSHTF.

The warehouse of M60 machine guns or laws rockets will do no good if stolen, damaged or you can’t get to them. Most likely if the situation is that bad there will be military/ law enforcement check points, perimeters and bad people to contend with, putting your family at risk trying to shoot your way through these problems is not acceptable…. again, sheltering in place is a safer option.

Other Points to Consider

As for escape vehicles, unless your vehicle was manufactured in 1960 thru early 1980 of off-road design, is invisible and operates on unlimited fuel, sheltering in place may be the way to go. They’re will be thousands of ill-tempered stressed out drivers flooding escape routes and blocking law enforcement check points. The only other quick exit options may be flying or boating. On the day of 9/11 the only planes flying belonged to the authorities or the Bin Laden family fleeing this country for safety everything else was at risk of being shot down.

Tools like shovels, axes, chain cutters and saws to remove obstacles will be needed to clear the road ways and escape routes. Convoys of vehicles will be needed to move families and all the immediate supplies needed to flee the disaster area.

Medical supplies are only good if you have the training and mindset to use them. Traveling with sick or injured members will always slow you down and affect moral. It’s better to practice injury avoidance and good hygiene. 

Whats you’re preppers reality

In my opinion money will be better spent developing skills, learning tactics and getting experience that will assist you in during those troubling times. Various firearm manufactures, survival schools and knowledgeable individuals are available to teach these skills. Incorporate some of your vacation plans into developing these skills. Spend your money on things which will immediately defend your person, purify your drinking water, provide you shelter and replenish your food sources. Many life experiences have helped to shape my preppers reality. I say, go with what you know and learn about what you don’t.

Hopefully things will not get that way anytime soon but if they do make sure you are prepared.

As always be safe and healthy my friends.

Ralph Tcat.

Life on the run

Life on the run

As a former law enforcement officer and licensed private investigator who believes in being prepared, one of the scenarios that I plan for is life on the run. The reason doesn’t have to be because of a criminal violation. It could be an angry ex spouse or maybe you witnessed something that would better suit them if you were dead.

A decent Volusia County man was murdered last year when he stopped to help a stuck vehicle in his Deltona Florida neighborhood. What he did not realize was the stranded motorist he was helping was there to kill him on behalf of a jailed road rage defendant. He was a witness in a case against a real three-time LOSER.

Sometimes its for safety

Maybe the new person in you’re life forgot to tell you that they’re ex is an imprisoned gang member with a violent temper and oh by the way honey he’s getting out soon. Planning and playing these scenarios helps. Working as an investigator, I know what to look for when you’re the hunter. One of my favorite past times was going into a coffee shop in the mall and watching people. Watching they’re behavior, body language, attire and how they behave around others in public helped me to determine they’re routine.

Changing appearance

During narcotics training we conducted an exercise of following a “dealer” by shadowing his actions while driving and while on foot into the Seminole Town mall. The person we were following knew he was being followed and would make a note of any of the followers he detected providing a description for the after action briefing at the end of class. The first thing I did was get a shopping bag from the nearest store to put my portable radio in. It’s kind of obvious who you are when carrying a brick radio. Carrying numerous changes of cloths in your car is a must. Extra ball caps and different eye glasses help.

Multiple vehicle surveillance makes operatives harder to detect because you can pass off the target so he will not get suspicious seeing the same car too many times. Single car follow is much harder and requires creative driving which could give away your presence if your target is paying attention.

In one insurance case, the claimant had previously seen the car and the investigator that I was riding with to many times and would drive slowly on I4 waving her arm out the drivers window for us to keep up. She had been schooled by her attorney on what tell-tale signs of surveillance operations look like.

In another case I had to obtain a recorded statement from an insurance claimant we had previously watched some twenty times in the prior months. He described every vehicle we had used over the course of the surveillance period.
That little voice in your head that say’s ‘the guy knows your there” may be telling you the truth because the one thing the insurance company forgets to tell you is that their last three investigators got burned.

Reversing roles

So we go from hunting to being hunted. Plan that you won’t have much time to get you’re affairs in order so prepare now. You’ll need a hell’s freezing over cash stash hopefully more than $500.00. Money spends quick and your bank card is easily tracked. On my trip from Florida to Colorado I would change between cash only and debit transactions. It takes a lot of cash to get that far undetected.

Have a go bag ready and containing several different types and colors of shirts A change of pants or shorts and always wear comfortable foot wear. If your carrying concealed make it a small revolver or automatic. Less weight more comfort.

One person I was educating because of a stalker had to rethink what route she drove. Where and how she parked her vehicle and the foot wear she wore into work. High heals suck when your running for your life. Try sneakers to and from and leave the heals in the office.

Another “Victim” learned the internet never forgets all those selfies posted by you and your friends. They only help the stalker. I learned where she lived and obtained online photo’s of her, her friends and her dog. Shes an up and coming musician and had her schedule out there for all her followers to see.

No such thing a privacy anymore

There are businesses out there gathering your personal data and selling it to online vendors. Go online and check yourself for very little money you will learn what you drive, where you live, you’re relatives information and your cell phone information. Without giving away any trade secrets I will tell you nothing is ever “free” in this world.

Work on your situational awareness. Pay attention to your entrances and exits. Freely look around and see who is looking at you. Don’t get paranoid just make a note if you start seeing them more than twice and maybe pay a little more attention. If under threat never eat, sleep or go to the bathroom in the same place twice. Life on the run is not easy.

People are creatures of habit. We shop close to home and usually the same locations. Family events and of course mothers birthday are special dates if someone is trying to find you. Everybody contacts home sooner or later. If I can find 10 people who know you 2 of those will probably sell you out with the right motivation.

In one example, we stopped by a targets home in Daytona Beach Florida. The target was not home but the ole lady was more than willing to invite me in and show me his motorcycle he had for sale. I about Soiled myself as my partner filmed from the car. The average person is way to nice for their own good.

Please, Please. please, if you’re ever the subject of one of these surveillance’s remember to 1. leave the sling on after church, and 2. Remember which foot you suppose to be limping on. Don’t stop half way across the 7-11 parking lot and change feet. For all you aspiring young investigators, remember to cover the red dot when filming with your camera in the dark.

As always be safe healthy and aware my friends. Be sure to follow our blog for more informative articles.

Ralph Tcat

Invasion Apocalypse

Immigrant Invasions

While it is no secret that people invading countries have been occurring for centuries, Have you studied in-depth the effects from such invasions?

Invading by definition is:

Enter for Conquest or to Plunder

Encroach upon or to Infringe

To Spread over or into as if to Permeate

As the United States faces the looming threat of the coming Invasions from South America, We should all be asking ourselves if we are prepared for the event.  What steps have you taken for your family? You’re protection?  What about your security?  Do you have a plan in case such an event becomes a catastrophic event?

Diseases run rampant in third world countries

Being as how countless people from third world countries often times suffer from the lack of medications needed to inoculate against communicable diseases, such unseen threats often times start pandemics from the invaders and rapidly spread among thousands or even millions of people before it becomes contained. Many such diseases carried by people from third world countries can span from less threatening such as Scabies to deadly like Ebola or AIDS.

Many diseases are airborne and one could be infected just by being in close proximity to an infected person.  It may be an issue to consider that could affect you’re normal routine.  Where you go and where you eat may be important topics to discuss with your loved ones.

President Trump is doing everything he can to secure our border

In the wake of the thousands of encroaching South Americans,  President Trump has activated our military to assist the Boarder Patrol in fending off these attackers.  It wouldn’t be unreasonable to consider Martial Law being implemented until the threat is under control.

I have heard many stories where Illegal Aliens have entered our southern boarders and stolen vehicles from unsuspecting victims.  Sometimes even carjacking.  They use the vehicles to get out of the area quickly and travel towards areas where they will be sheltered with other friends and relatives or sanctuary cities. These people are the worst kind of threat. Why you ask?  Because “Freedom” or the opportunity to get it is the only thing that they have.  When a person has nothing left but they’re “Freedom”, They will die to try to preserve it.

What precautions have you made for the invasions threat?  Have you talked with your loved one’s about it? Do you have a viable way of protecting them and yourself?  Have you made preparation with stocking up on supplies for just such a scenario? Maybe now is the time.


When in Mexico, “Don’t drink the water”

Contamination in water

For years I use to hear people jokingly say when in Mexico, “don’t drink the water”.  When I was in the military, I got a better understanding of what they were talking about. Water contamination is broad throughout the world.

Whether you’re in the back country of the United States or in some third world country, water purification should be an important consideration. For a prepper, it could even be for sheltering in place after a storm or an accidental water main break during road construction.

Even the local fire department testing water flow at area hydrants can generate a “Boil water Alert”. As a rule of thumb I like to have several full 5 gallon water jugs for my pets and a case of bottle water per person currently residing in my household just for such events.

Purification Techniques

There are several techniques for water purification; heating, filtration, active charcoal adsorption, chemical disinfection, ultra violet purification, distillation and flocculation.

Flocculation is the process where colloids come out of suspension in the form of floc or flake. Wikipedia has a very good article explaining water purification is your interested.

Training is available

If you’re a survivalist, an outdoorsman or just like to take vacation to other countries then you might have been exposed to Travelers diarrhea, or Wilderness diarrhea. There is an organization called the National Outdoor Leadership school which teaches classes on this issue.

They stress these important issues:

  • Treating un-purified drinking water.
  • Routinely washing hands with soap and water after defecation or urination.
  • Cleaning cooking and eating utensils with soap and warm water using a three bowl cleaning system.
  • Bury human waste 60 meters or 200 ft away from your water source. While training in Panama’s jungle back in the 80’s I remember coming across an infantry line company set up along a stream. I saw soldiers bathing up-stream and other guys filling canteens down stream.

Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean that someone hasn’t been peeing in your water supply. The more human contamination and area has, the more reason to purify your drinking water. Even in the great outdoors someone or something can be contaminating your drinking water.

Industrial accidents

In 2015, the EPA subcontractors “accidentally” released millions of gallons of tainted mine water into the Animas river in Colorado turning the water yellow and ruining the drinking water for an Indian reservation down stream. Below ground contamination can even affect your well water.

Usually as an outdoors person, soldier or survivalist you generally think “Light” when carrying stuff so what are your options.

You could do water purification tablets, chemical disinfectant (chlorine or bleach) or distillation but it is time-consuming and not good if you’re thirsty now and on the move.

Purification Methods

Same problem with boiling water. Smoke and light give away your position and it takes time to set up and get to temperature. Boil for 1 minute, 3 minutes if you are at an elevation greater than 6500 ft and it does not remove most pollutants.

So the quickest way is with a hand pump reverse osmosis filtration system. There are many companies offering these systems like Katadyn which offers a Hiker and Vario multi-flow micro-filter system. The benefit of these systems is that the water is usable right away with no waiting for it to do its job. Just be sure to maintain it.

If you don’t mind a short wait, for the money the Berkey water purification systems are best in my opinion. For the money, They are the best value and require very little maintenance. The new Sport-Berkey bottle will give instant purified water for on the go. At $49.00, It’s a deal!

Like anything some users have had issues with filtering products but over all Berkey has had Excellent reviews and customer service.

Like the guy in the Mexican beer commercial says; ” Stay thirsty my friends”. Be sure to follow our blog for more informative articles.

Ralph Tcat

Basic Survival Gear for preppers.

It’s no secret that they’re are thousands of article’s out there about what’s the best Firearms, Knives, or any other item to inflict great bodily harm to have in a doom and gloom scenario. And tons of survival gear.

But let’s be realistic. When disaster strikes, you could possibly be far away from you’re survival gear and military grade arsenal. That ten year supply of freeze dried food won’t do you any good when you’re on a business trip or vacation fifteen hundred miles away from home.

So now what?  If you are thinking like a true prepper, you know to take advantage of what is available in you’re immediate surroundings.  Basic survival gear doesn’t have to be complicated.

Everyone’s definition of what they need will greatly differ depending on who you are talking to.  For my immediate go to necessity item’s, they include a multi tool and a portable water purification system.  These two items alone can greatly improve my chances of survival in the initial onset of peril.

Food definitely is comforting when you’re stomach is empty but without water you will surely perish quickly.  A good multi tool is easy to carry either on you or in luggage and will have several items installed to help in foraging and scavenging activities.

As for water purification, I invested in a Berkey water purifier.  The Big Berkey is perfect at home and camping.  For home use,  the money I saved over one year buying bottled water paid for it.  Having piece of mind knowing that if the power goes off for an extended time that I’ll be able to filter water out of a pond, lake or ditch if need be.  I use it to filter all city water now that I drink.

The Sport Berkey is perfect for those away trips.  It’s a water bottle and small enough to fit inside my overnight bag.  I even use it when I’m just out and about.  I’m always prepared in the event that water isn’t abundant.  The filters last for about seven to eight years and they’re cheap.

I always have my concealed firearm and CCW license on me.  But unfortunately there are times when I can’t have it such as flying or going into areas where it’s not permitted.

Keep in mind that what I’m talking about here is being caught off guard when you’re away from stored supplies, a bug out bag or anything handy where you’ve saved in preparation for just such an event.

Another issue to consider is where you are and what is the climate.  A winter coat may be a more important item to someone in one location and DEET may be more important to another in a different location.  If the peril is bad enough, supplies may not be readily available because of looting and severe damage to that area.

I remember a friend of mine told me stories about Homestead Florida when Hurricane Andrew hit that area back in August of 1992.  He was in the National Guard and was activated to respond to the area for security details.  I’ll never forget how he explained the landscape from the effects of the Hurricane.

Literally thousands of acres had been stripped of everything.  Even the street signs were missing at the street corners.  No power or lights.  He explained how it was like the wild west with people running around with shotguns and handguns on they’re sides.  Trying to protect whatever personal property they had left from looters.

The rationing of food, water and other necessary supplies to thousands of displaced desperate people.  Robberies and killing over the simplest items that we take for granted every day.  The many wounded, dead and sick from unsanitary conditions with raw sewage and unclean water.

Now try and imagine the same scenario but instead of being confined to just a couple of counties within a state to being spread out over multiple states from some type of SHTF situation.  With this frame of mind, you soon realize that what you have with you at that time, is going to determine you’re survival until meeting up with the next obstacle.