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Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus Update

As of January 23, 2020 The coronavirus has effectively managed to spread over a large area of China and many other countries to include the United States.

Aljazeera reported today that the flu like virus had originated from Wuhan a central Chinese city in Hubei and has spread world wide from it’s origination point.

Casualties are expected, estimated in thousands

China confirmed 830 corona virus cases with 25 fatalities according to the National Health Commission. Newly discovered cases of Wuhan virus in Japan and South Korea. Infection was confirmed in a middle aged man that had traveled to Japan and is currently hospitalized. South Korea also confirmed a second case which had originated from China according to the countries disease control. (KCDC)

The World Health Organization claims that the viral infection originating in China that has infected hundreds of people is not yet considered to be a Global Health Emergency. With new cases of the virus popping up in random locations, health care professionals have concerns of casualties being estimated in the thousands.

Travel bans implemented

Cities inside China including Ezhou, Wuhan, Xiantao and Huanggang have implemented travel bans. Movement by railway, Long distance bus and ferry services have been stopped according to information on city websites and state media.

Playgrounds, markets with live birds and entertainment locations have also been closed due to the possible threat of contracting the virus. The small city of Chibi is suspending public transport to other locations effective midnight (16:00 GMT)

145M Allocated to contain virus

It is reported that China allocated 1 billion yuan (145M) to Hubei province in effort to contain the virus. Hubei has been hit hardest in the region by the virus since its onset.

The U.S. Department of State on January 23, 2020 issued a Level 4 Travel Caution to Not Travel To Hubei Province, China due to novel coronavirus. The U.S. CDC also issued a level 3 alert to (Avoid Nonessential Travel) due to ongoing outbreak of respiratory illness.

Ebola drug considered as treatment

On Thursday January 23, 2020, Gilead Sciences Inc. said it was assessing if its experimental ebola drug treatment could be used to treat coronavirus infection. Even though there is no antiviral data on the drug being effective to treat the virus, testing on animals did show effective results against the SARS coronavirus.

Gilead remains in active discussions with researchers and clinicians in the U.S. and China. The potential use of the drug called Remdesivir as an investigatory treatment remains a posibility.

Suspected Case in Texas

On January 23, 2020, a suspected case of novel coronavirus is being investigated in Brazos County, Texas. A patient who traveled from from Wuhan, China where the virus originated has been suspected of contracting the virus and is currently isolated at home. Health officials advised precautionary testing is being conducted and if confirmed will be promptly announced. It is unknown at this time if the patient may have infected anyone else with the suspected virus.

Possibility of Global Epidemic

It is no surprise to any of our readers that one possible apocalyptic event could be a global epidemic. If such an event occurred, it could possibly have mortality numbers in the hundreds of thousands or millions. Due to long incubation periods, one could easily infect hundreds of people daily and not be aware they are sick.

Past history has taught us that such events have indeed occurred and have wiped out massive numbers of population. Depending on where one lives and the interaction they have with people will determine the infection rate. Prepping for such unknown catastrophes by stocking food and water supplies should be a priority to everyone. Be it natural events, man made or whatever one can never be overly prepared.

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Area 51 Invasion

Countdown to truth

As many readers already know, there is an area 51 invasion planned for September 20, 2019 at 03:00 AM. The event also known as “Storm Area 51” has created a lot of hype especially among the UFO community.

The mantra being “They can’t stop all of us” and has caught the attention of thousands of people across the globe. The last count of dedicated attendees being over 467,000 people and growing.

More on Area 51

Area 51 has been a controversial topic for many years. It is also known as a detachment of Edwards Air Force Base or Groom Lake. It sits in the southern portion of Nevada and is about 83 miles North-North West of Las Vegas. The site was acquired by the United States Air Force back in 1955. It has been used for the development of top secret military equipment. Some well known like the SR-71Blackbird and Lockheed D-21 Drone.

A great deal of attention has been drawn to the site over the years due to several reasons. Mostly being the top secret work being conducted at the location. In 1989, Bob Lazar drew a great deal of attention to the site with his testimonial of experiences while working nearby. Lazar claimed that he participated in reverse engineering of flying saucers specifically on one out of nine crafts. He claimed that he also observed classified information stating that it involved “Grey Aliens” that had been coming to earth for over 10,000 years.

Sights and Wonders in the sky

Although the area as a whole is fenced off and well guarded, attempts have been made to breach its barriers. Many people throughout the years have claimed that they have seen UFO activity from high elevation vantage points. Some have also attempted to walk onto the secret bases property only to be met with armed security and taken into custody. According to witnesses, the base is clearly marked with No Trespassing signs. Many of the signs also stating that Use of Deadly Force is Authorized.

Even with life threatening warnings, many have taken risks to find out more of the goings on at the top secret location. It has also been reported that the whole area is occupied with strategically placed cameras and motion sensors. People who have ventured into the area have given report about how quickly securities response time is to they’re location upon trespassing.

Recent UFO Information

Recently over the last couple years, more information has been declassified from government records. Part of this information has involved video footage taken from Air Force pilots of flying craft. In some cases, the pilots were able to lock on to the UFO’s with sophisticated military tracking equipment. Unfortunately the pilots would end up losing the craft due to high speed acceleration and abrupt changes in direction. In some cases, the flying craft would just vanish without a trace.

New evidence of UFO’S has only increased curiosity with the topic that so many have pondered there being life on other planets. It appears as though people are ready to know the truth so much that over 467,000 will risk life and limb in September to find out. Many will quickly realize that this will not be an easy goal to achieve.

Reader Heed Warning

Dear Friends, In conclusion I wish to say that my heart will be there with you as I also want to know. However, I also know that our government doesn’t play around and means business. If I only save one life with this article then I will have accomplished much although hopefully it will be many more. Please be sure to check out our other articles on our blog and leave a comment to share.


Reset America

Restricted Freedom

As I got older, I discovered that some of the things I learned growing up was worth while and other things were a waste of time. Things like reading, writing and arithmetic are good foundation skills. I also realized how restricted freedom had become.

History was good but only if what you learned was honest and not full of propaganda. It seems to me we are breeding the ability to survive out of the American. America is a great country compared to others but we are becoming softer everyday. Our restricted freedom due to frivolous lawsuits and fear of offending someone has set Americas latest course.

In the news I read of people in survival situations spending their last moments using their phones to call and say goodbye to love ones instead of using their strengths to fight. They’re life to be taken away by someone who may or may not be a citizen of the U.S. The killer who deep inside they’re heart truly hates America.

Survival is fight or flight, kick the bastards ass or put distance between you and the bad guy. It’s not curling up in some damn restroom calling mom and dad to say good bye. I personally plan to die with my pants pulled up.

Our schools are teaching art, music, science, math and an untruthful variation of history. I doubt George Washington crossed the Delaware standing up in a boat in blizzard conditions. I would like to see other skills taught that are more adapted to life.

Focus on dealing with current situations for life training

More physical fitness, health education, home economics and work experience. Baseball, football, basketball are all great sports but cross country running is what got me prepared for military basic training. Boxing or Aikido would go a long way in putting bullies and school shooters in their place. You would sleep a lot better at night knowing your son or daughter was able to put “Charlie” the child molester or “Stevie” the shooter in his place.

Being shot in the back while running away with my ballistic backpack just doesn’t do it for me. I would rather make you die for your country and beliefs before I have to die for mine. Recruiters today will tell you our children are not fit , strong fingers but that is about it.

Making America Great Again should be more than a political saying it should be real goal. How about teaching our children first aid, healthy diet and cooking skills home economics, basic auto mechanics , home building and repair skills so they have an understanding of whats involved in doing these tasks.

Emphasis on ethics and morals

Several years ago, I went into a tire dealership in Denver Colorado to get a tire replaced and immediately caught the service manager in a lie. He told me I could not replace just one tire on my vehicle that I would have to do all four because of some non existing air pressure sensor that would trip a check engine warning light. I politely walked out, won’t do business with liars. If I had not learned basic vehicle maintenance I would not have know better.

The same goes for all these magic warranties they push, miss one service period or go over the mileage and boom the warranty is void. I owned a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee drove it 324,000 miles did my own minor maintenance before giving it to my neighbor who needed a second car but could not afford it. His skills are actually better than mine so I expect he will get another 300.000 miles out of it.

Basic first aid importance

When I was a teenager, I watched a guy fly a hundred feet through the air after being ejected off his motorcycle. He had struck a car that turned in front of him. I knew enough to have a receptionist call 911 from a nearby business but that was it. I couldn’t medically help him and could have easily made matters worse had I removed his helmet or moved him.

Knowing what to do goes along way learning First Responder first aid helped resolve those issues. Scene safety, CPR and mouth to mouth was hammered into me for years. I took EMT training after leaving law enforcement just to enhance my skills. Learn , practice, do it.

Basic care of self

I learned sewing skills later on serving in the infantry. I learned to sew, attaching patches and field repairing my uniforms to survive the Field Training Exercise’s but did not start cooking until my mid thirties. You won’t be shopping for new clothes after the Apocalypse so you had better learn how to mend them.
While living in Denver I took interest in clay pot cooking picking up my first covered clay pot.

Clay pot cooking is a variation of a native American cooking tool which uses lower heat, long cook time makes a mean meat loaf. The three kitchen items I wouldn’t live with out, A clay pot, lasagna pan and a percolating coffee pot.

Basic mechanical skills

I learned practical mechanical skills while doing improvised jeep and HMMV repairs. This was so we would not have to walk back to the barracks. My skills were honed while doing hitch wiring, installation and maintenance upkeep on rental equipment while working for UHaul. Learning how to safely raise up a vehicle to do an oil change or change a flat tire. This could prevent many accidents.

I’m not saying we all need to be Navy Seals or Delta operators. Education, physical fitness, team work and tolerance will go along way toward surviving a bad situation.

That is what it will take to Make America Great Again. If we as a country don’t move to get America back on track, our country will be no better than any other third world country. Its time to Reset America and Restricted Freedom. To be the Proud, Free and Brave people that we once were. To give Honor to all those who gave their lives so that we could enjoy our Freedom!

Be safe and healthy my friends. Be sure to follow our blog for more informative articles. As always, we appreciate our readers comments.

Ralph Tcat and EndPrepper

Hey FTC! Where’s My Facebook Fine Cut?

The AP News reported today that Facebook anticipates receiving a fine from the FCC of up to $5 Billion dollars. I didn’t stutter friends. That is 5 Billion Dollars with a Capital B!

The fines from the Federal Trade Commission’s investigation of weather the social media giant violated us users privacy. The investigation stemming from if Facebook broke an agreement it made back in 2011 to protect users privacy.

There are many possible violations

Other issues that have impacted Facebook are the data mining complaints with Cambridge Analytica scandal. As many as 87 Million Facebook users data was accessed without their consent.

Cambridge Analytica was a supplier of political data and had access to what was normally private user data. It benefited further from a loophole within Facebook and was able to access data of users friends as well.

In Facebook’s Defense

Facebook has had settings in place within the users control settings area that could restrict such access however the settings have been buried deep in the settings control panel and were very hard to find.

The average user doesn’t look for the special settings to restrict such access. Users also agree to certain usage agreements which Facebook has them click on much of which is lengthy and written with a legalese.

Show Me The Money

It often seems that the ones that benefit from the misfortune of others are the agencies and companies on a much larger scale. After all, We Facebook Users are the Ultimate Victims here! So why my friends should the FCC impose such fines on Facebook and of course keep the money? Shouldn’t we be the one’s that ultimately prosper from the violation?

I think everyone is pretty much fed up with the way things are being handled in this country. Stupid legislation getting passed in the Senate that only hurts the Good Guy. The hard working man/woman puts their time in to draw a measly small Social Security check and pay ridiculous amounts of taxes. I could go on and on!

The time for change is now

If your blood isn’t boiling by now friends then I’m afraid that there is no hope. On the other hand if you’ve had enough of the way you keep getting excrement shoveled down your throat like I have then do something! Get out and vote in the elections! Get involved in your communities! Start a Blog to let people know whats going on! If we don’t unite my fellow patriots to set the course of this country on a correct path leading to correction, we are surely doomed.


Doomsday Super Submarine

Russia’s New Doomsday Weapon

On Tuesday 04/23/2019, A Military Shipyard in St. Petersburg Russia launched the newest Doomsday Super Submarine in their fleet. President Vladimir Putin was on sight to view the launch of the Belgorod sub.

Russia’s new doomsday weapon is designed to be equipped with the new Poseidon Drones which are expected to be ready next year. Putin has mentioned that tests of the Poseidon Drones have been effective in causing tsunami waves to coastal areas which cause major devastation.

Nuclear Weaponry on a Cataclysmic Scale

Both the Belgorod Doomsday Submarine and it’s arsenal of high tech weaponry are nuclear powered. It has been said that it has the capabilities to render U.S missile defense systems useless.

The submarine is also reported to be able to dive to depths of 1700 feet. At these depths the submarine becomes hard to detect.

The Longest Submarine

Popular Mechanics has reported that the Belgorod Doomsday Submarine would be the worlds longest submarine at around 604 feet. The Belgorod also has a unique feature of a large bulge on the lower hull.

It has been said that the feature could relate to retractable steerable thrusters. These could be used for precise position holding.

Preparing for Doomsday

Fellow readers, I cannot be more adamant about becoming a prepper. Our world today has danger lurking around every corner. The likelihood of a major Doomsday or Catastrophic event happening in our lifetime is very plausible. I attempt to share information with my readers on these issues in a timely manner to keep you apprised of threats.

I strongly recommend that if you have not already done so, that you take precautions and prepare for a minimum 72 hour event. Regardless if it is a power outage, storm or something more devastating. Try and have enough supplies to get yourself and family through until the event has cleared.

Supplies for preppers

Many items can be found locally but special items can always be ordered online for as long as the grid is still operative. Some of my greatest finds for prepping have been made in thrift stores of all places.

There is no better time to prepare than Now!


Candida Auris Superbug

Could Candida Auris be one of the plagues of the bible?

Candida Auris is known as a species of fungus which grows as yeast. It was first described in 2009 and causes candidiasis in humans. People with weakened immune systems have been most effected and is typically acquired in hospitals and other healthcare facilities .

The fungus attacks the nervous system, blood stream and internal organs of the human body. Through mutation, the fungus has become highly resistant to antibiotics.

Are we on the verge of a Pandemic?

Candida Auris was first noted in being discovered in the ear canal of a 70 year old Japanese woman who was in a hospital in Japan. The fungus has spread widely across several locations throughout Asia, Europe, North, South and Central America, Canada, and the middle east. It’s first appearance in the United States was in 2013.

Candida Auris has a high mortality rate.

According to the Center for Disease Control, thirty to sixty percent of patients who contracted Candida Auris has died. This is highly contributed to the fungus’s ability to become resistant to treatment and with other medical complications being involved.

Portability of Candida Auris is high.

It is highly likely that the fungus can be transported from persons who have been in healthcare settings. These persons most likely have other health issues which caused they’re immune system to be weakened.

With the movement of many people from other countries, Many Super Bugs can be transmitted to unsuspecting persons. Many immigrants that enter countries undetected are not checked for health problems.

Are Natural Treatments the answer?

Being as how this health concern seems to be becoming non treatable from within a clinical setting, could natural alternatives be the answer? Hans Frieder is an author and authority on the subject. Most of his research being involved with fungus invading the skin and toenail, more can be linked to related complications with Candida Aris. His book on the subject can be found by clicking here. A link to Candida Aris Fact Sheet can be found here.

Try to stay clear of health care facilities that are unclean

Friends, I can not stress the importance enough of trying to steer clear of healthcare facilities that are unclean. We’ve all been inside one at some point. The ones that look like every street bum has visited within the last twelve hours to get a free shot of morph. Usually it’s the Emergency Room that is noticeable when you go late at night. It’s full of rough looking people. Until this Superbug is under control and no longer spreading to people from contact with medical equipment, I’ll reduce my chances of catching it by staying home…. Even IF I’m near death from the flu or whatever.

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