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  • The Prepper meets the Prospector

    The Prepper meets the Prospector

    Prospector then and now Nowadays, television takes advantage of any latest craze of fad that has developed. I am currently following Dooms Day Preppers, DIY building off the grid and Bushcraft masters. But in the recent past it was “The Prospector” which aired on the weather channel. It was about several different people and family’s […]

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  • Preppers Sleeping Habits

    Every night starts out full of hope but by morning your flat on the floor aching back, stiff neck

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  • Life after the Apocalypse

    Life after the Apocalypse

    What will it be like? Have you put much thought into what it will be like after a major disaster? Living in end times will be difficult. Have you thought about what will it be like living life after the apocalypse? According to Lindsey Koehler of Colorado online ” 5280″ these seven categories for end […]

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