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RV Bugout Part 1

Choosing the right RV bugout

Choosing the right bugout location can be as inexpensive or as extravagant of a decision that a prepper can make. As a prepper, giving consideration to this topic is of the highest priorities. Decisions on bugout equipment, shelter and most importantly nourishment can mean life or death in the event of a catastrophe. RV bugout vehicles should also be considered in planning.

Bugging in versus bugging out

If you are like me, you’ve considered the option of hoarding food items and other emergency supplies for bugging in at you’re home. I myself decided that preparing storage of some necessities at home was indeed a vital part in preparing. I made this decision because we just never know what exactly will happen or how bad we will be effected by it.

I stocked some items in my home in hope that such an event will not last beyond six months. I also considered other options like storage container shelters and live aboard vessels. I have not ruled these ideas out but have prioritized my options. As for me and my current living situation, I decided to purchase an RV bugout vehicle.

Choosing the right RV

After searching for about a year and watching endless Youtube videos on the topic, I finally made a decision on the type of RV for my needs. Some things that I needed to consider was options for being able to live off grid and comfort for my family. I also wanted to have the ability to be able to leave my bugout RV just in case conditions became too dangerous to drive it or if it became inoperable due to mechanical failure.

I finally decided that a fifth wheel was my best option as it had everything that I needed and was ready to transport in a moments notice. Having options like batteries that recharge from solar and being able to run necessary appliances on minimal power was included. I also liked the idea of having the ability to run off of generator power for the higher power consuming appliances like air conditioning.

Buying you’re RV

To my surprise, I quickly learned how popular RV’s have become. Long gone are the days of the twenty or thirty foot rectangle shaped travel trailers. Nowadays we have very well constructed luxury units. I chose a model that was built by Grand Design and has five slide out rooms which expand the eight foot center into fourteen feet wide openings in several locations. I chose the Grand Design because of their high quality in manufacturing. Having all of the luxuries inside to boot is a plus.

I located the model that I wanted in Wildwood Florida at Lazydays RV on their website. I requested information on the RV that I liked and a salesman out of the Tampa location contacted me the next morning. We quickly came to an agreed sale price and next the 1,271 mile drive to their location was on.

What they didn’t tell me

After driving the whole way straight through with the exception of a quick nap at a couple rest stops, I finally arrived. I was eagerly waiting in the parking lot when the lights turned on and at 7am sharp made contact with the receptionist. I was then sent to a manager in the service building and it was explained to me that there was a inspection and repair list that needed to be completed. I was a little concerned at that point because this was the first time that anyone had mentioned anything about it. I asked if I could see the RV and did so at that time with his approval.

The fifth wheel was being cleaned at that time by a very hard working young lady. The overall appearance was even better that the web photos displayed. Being satisfied with what I had seen, I returned to the Manager and advised him that I would like to move forward with the purchase. He then escorted me to the waiting room while the work began on the RV.

To sum up this lengthy story, I wasn’t prepared for what turned out to be an eight day stay at the Lazy Days service location. I hadn’t packed for an extended stay and this could have been avoided had they just explained that the work needed to be done. The odd thing is that I was told by multiple people that this is a common procedure in this business! To end on a positive note, Lazy Days RV was kind enough to let me stay in the RV on property all week during the night.

The learning begins

I quickly learned how to use all of the gadgets and appliances on the RV while at the service location but it didn’t end there. The trip home was even more educational. Learning how to negotiate driving conditions and getting the feel of a 16000 Gross Vehicle Weight Rv was very enlightening. Having prior trailer pulling experience was useful for sure. Everything was good until the final leg of my return home.

About three hours away, I experienced what it was like to have one of the Chinese bomb tires explode on the RV. I watched in the door mirror as the tire tread flew from the tire and immediately pulled to the shoulder of the road. After stopping, I inspected the tire and noticed how the flying tread had destroyed the fender skirt on my new to me RV.

I quickly learned that having the bare essential tools that I had to change the tire would not make the job easy. Fortunately I did bring along a couple blocks of wood and bought a new four way lug wrench before leaving. The bottle jack that came with my truck proved to be useful too. With a little help from a nice young fella and a State Trooper who who both stopped to assist me, I was quickly on my way again.

Prepping doesn’t just begin or end at home

With all of the newly learned information which I had gained at no additional charge, I quickly realized that prepping skills would come in handy with my new RV. Having a plan for every possible life threatening situation is near impossible. What we can do is try and prepare as best as we can for the most likely catastrophic situations and wing the rest while using common sense. We don’t always know what questions to ask and never rely on someone to inform you ahead of time.

This article will be an ongoing upgrade RV bugout article. Be sure to follow for future posts on this topic and as always feel free to comment with any suggestions.


Sleeping Bag Sense

Understanding Sleeping Bags

San Luis Valley Colorado gets some of the harshest winter weather in the United States with this recent Arctic cold snap pushing down from the north trend continues.  I have been trying to get by with an twin size air mattress and several heavy blankets. Last night the overnight low temperature was neg 10 Celcius. It’s time to look at getting a sleeping bag. Understanding sleeping bags has become quite an educational experience.

There are basically three styles of sleeping bags. Doubles, Rectangular, and Mummy.

Doubles are two rectangular bags connected together forming a nice roomy bag. What you gain in size is offset by needing more body heat to keep the interior of the bag warm. Good for sleeping two but bad for carrying around on a motorcycle or hiking through the woods. Ideally you would store and tote in a off road vehicle each morning.

Rectangular is good for the person who tosses and turns through out the evening  allowing for more room at the feet but that room needs to be heated by the body so you may have cold spots down there. They are heavier and bulkier to carry when hiking or trekking.

Mummy are tapered from top to bottom and snuggle to the users body. It keeps them warmer with less effort or body heat. They can weigh as much as 20 percent less than the same insulated rectangular bag. They roll up and pack tighter for people that are on the move.

Pay attention to how they are rated

Sleeping bags are made with two different insulation types; synthetic fibers or goose feathers also referred to as Down.  Ideally the best option is for your bag to contain both types of insulation material.

The positive side is that down keeps you very warm. When looking at down bags, look for a bag with a down loft rating of 600 or greater.

The negative side of down is when it gets wet it takes a while to dry. These types of bags should usually be used with water resistant outer covers. Also make sure the constructing is such that the down material is not able to bunch up and cause cold spots.

Synthetic material bags are usually heavier than down but are more resistant to getting wet or retaining moisture. The ideal construction for synthetic is when it is made with overlapping layers. Synthetic bags are usually less expensive as compared to down bags.

Users with builds of six feet or less will do well with standard bags, as people with taller builds may look for a longer length bag.

When it comes to the sleeping bags outer shell there are trade offs. Heavy canvas outer shells protect the bag making it resistant to tearing but add ounces in weight for when your carrying it on you back.

All bags will come with a general temperature rating on how warm it will keep the average person at different outside temperatures. The problem is what is an average person? Men tend to stay warmer then women. A persons build also equated to how their body produces body heat what keeps me warm may leave you shivering.

Plan ahead for the weather conditions

Look at the conditions for how you plan to use your bag. What outdoor temperatures will you be using it in, will you be indoors or outdoors under the stars. Will early morning dew make your bag damp and uncomfortable? To warm of a bag and you will be sleeping on it not warm enough and you may end up shivering.

There are things you can do if the weather is worse than what your bag is rated for but also understand the coldest time usually increases when the sun first rises until about 10:00 am in the morning.    

You can wear thermal underwear, warm socks and a knit cap to bed but understand that clothing may lose some of its ability to keep you warm when you exit the bag in the early morning.  If your not in a hostile situation consider taking most of your clothing off and using it as layering inside the sleeping bag. This way your outer clothing should be toasty warm in the morning also. Hopefully this makes good sleeping bag sense.

As always be safe and healthy my friends.

Ralph Tcat.

UFO’s and the Prepper

Do Aliens Really Exist?

UFO’s and the Prepper should be a very real topic and is a valid subject for discussion. The age old question of Do Aliens Really Exist has been controversial for decades. I for one my fellow preppers am a believer.

Collective Evidence Exists

There are many documented sightings of UFO’s by eye witness testimony. Roswell New Mexico UFO crash was one of the most publicized events in history and to this day remains one of the most controversial. Many people have came forward with they’re account of the incident and claims of it being a government coverup.

Advancements in technology have given the United States Navy and Air Force the ability to track Unidentified Flying Objects using sophisticated computer tracking technology. Some of this technology was released in a 2015 UFO video and detailed news coverage of the incident.

2015 Navy UFO’s Encounter

NUFORC is another well known organization for it’s records of encounters. Many cases of UFO sightings have been documented by witnesses and investigated by they’re professional investigators. Many professional’s such as Pilots, Law Enforcement and well known people have reported sighting’s

My own experience with UFO’s

I can recall back when I was a child in 1976. I lived with my parents in a rural area on about ten acres of land. My parents had built a new home on the front portion of the property which was close to the county road. I remember one day while walking on the back side of the property, I observed an area of flattened vegetation. The area was approximately forty feet in a circular diameter. I found the area interesting because all of the grass, weeds and brush was laid down in the same direction as if something heavy had sat on it and turned.

This area of the property was not affected by machinery or people as our nearest neighbor was about five miles away. In 2001, I lived in Western North Carolina. I had just driven out to my girlfriends house after work. As I turned onto the long country lane from the main road and headed to her house, I took notice of something in the sky. The object resembled a long metallic cigar and was silver in color.

It appeared to be about twenty five hundred feet up. It would have been close to the same altitude of conventional flying aircraft. I stopped my truck and got out to take a better look at the object. Just as soon as I had stepped out, the object began turning its broad side away from me. It eventually became a small round object and slowly went the opposite direction until it was gone.

So how is prepping related to UFO’s?

This my friends is a very good question for you to think about. The truth is that we really don’t know what we are up against. There Is Something going on as supported by witnesses. Many people have theories. In my opinion, whatever they are; they are capable of moving in ways that we can’t

There is a possibility that they could be military aircraft. If that is the case, one would have to wonder if they are friend or foe. Either way whether or not they are of this planet or other worldly doesn’t matter. The point to consider is that There Is Something Going On!

So how do you prepare?

This is the big question. The whole reasoning behind Prepping is to be ready for the unknown. We don’t know what they are for sure or where they come from. We do know however what they’re flying craft are somewhat capable of doing. I don’t live in fear of a scenario comparable to “The War Of The Worlds”.

What I do though is Prepare for what might happen if certain things don’t work anymore. I have portable water purification in place should the city water not work anymore. With this one item alone, I am able to make drinkable water from any questionable water source. I also keep a six months supply of freeze dried food and heirloom seeds. I have other life supporting implements and personal protection as well.

What’s you’re experience?

I always welcome you’re comments and questions. There are many people today who question if we actually even went to the moon. Many would even question my sighting of the cigar shaped object that I spoke about above. This is and will always be a controversial subject. It is only something that those people who have experienced it can relate too. Feel free to leave you’re story in the comments!


Basic Needs in Prepping

Wants vs Needs

Many people today have the belief that they need many things in order to live. Depending on the persons age will determine how they answer the question of what they’re wants vs needs are.

If you ask a 10 year old, They’re answer may be an x box or a cell phone. To someone in they’re 20’s, it may be a car or money. To a senior citizen, it may be medications or government assistance.

The Levels of Hierarchy

I won’t get into the full training course of Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs in this article because there is too much to cover. What I will touch on is the very basic level of needs called the Physiological Level.

Basically a human being Needs Air, Water, Food, Shelter, Clothing, and Reproduction in order to survive. If you eliminate any of these basic needs, we will die.

Getting to the point

I for one have learned that in this fast paced time that we live in, it is easy to take things for granted. I have designed my prepping around the basic needs instead of my wants. For each basic need, plan on what you and you’re family will need for each category. Things like giving consideration to getting a gas mask or proper air ventilation for you’re bug out shelter. Maybe it is to get a good water purifier for the cause of having clean water.

Final Thoughts

Preppers all share one common trait. They are intelligent and forward thinking. Most prepare for the “What If”. They know that it is better to Have than to Have Not. They share the Survival State of Mind.


Medicine Man

Ligusticum Porteri Root
Ligusticum Porteri Root

Ligusticum Porteri

Roots like Ligusticum Porteri, “The White Apache” also known as bear root or osha root is a perennial herb used by the Zuni people to cure body aches. The plant is native to the Rocky Mountains. This piece was found in the woods out side Crestone Colorado.

The How

Always check with you’re physician before attempting to use any alternative method to treat medical conditions.

It has been reported that by crushing a small piece of Ligusticum Porteri root and soaking it in water to drink as a tea helped to cure sore throats.

Navajo People credit the brown bear who have an affinity for bear root for leading them to this powerful medicine.

Other Methods

Resin from a Pine or similar trees has been used to plug a nerve on a cavity tooth or should a filling fall out during survival situations.

Crushed Garlic applied to insect bites or minor cuts has been used to prevent infection. Warm olive oil has been used to treat ear infections and loosen excess wax build up. Boiled root of Mullen has been used as a cough syrup. Yellow spined thistle is boiled and has been applied to burns and skin sores. Bonset tea to aid in the treatment of colds.

Use Caution

When using plants or roots make sure that they are positively identified and how to prepare it. Plants will very in potency depending on the season when picked.

The medications are applied as an infusion, decoction, poultice, expressed juice or splintering agents.

Other Reading

Power has a article of Native American herbal remedies and the SAS survival manual has a complete list of plants and what they are applied for. Do your homework. Research pictures and information on the plants from reliable sources to learn how they are prepared.

Only you know your current medical condition and situation so understand none of these cures a condition overnight you must give them time to work.  If the situation allows. Always seek proper medical treatment.

As always stay safe and healthy my friends. Follow our blog for more great articles.

Ralph Tcat

Monkey’s Fist Knot

Tying the knot

For those of you who have ever wondered how to tie the Monkey’s Fist Knot, here it is. Tying the knot isn’t very difficult and we have a step by step picture for you to follow.

This knot can be used for many different applications. The monkey’s fist knot has been used as a weapon for defense for many years. It can be added to key chains or by itself and readily available for a handy weapon.

The monkey’s fist knot is more than a weapon

This knot when tied with a hard round item inside of the knot can be used as a tool. Striking objects such as glass will quickly cause it to break. This can be useful if a tool is needed for such an application for trying to escape for example.

The image shows the correct way to tie the Monkey's Fist Know.
Monkey’s Fist Knot

The knot as a dog toy

This knot also works great as a toy for dogs. The weighted end if not containing a hard item inside will still be great for throwing and chewing for dogs. Be selective though on the type of rope material used as you want it to be safe for the animal.

Please be sure to follow us on our blog for more useful tips, tricks and informative articles.