Invasion Apocalypse

Immigrant Invasions

While it is no secret that people invading countries have been occurring for centuries, Have you studied in-depth the effects from such invasions?

Invading by definition is:

Enter for Conquest or to Plunder

Encroach upon or to Infringe

To Spread over or into as if to Permeate

As the United States faces the looming threat of the coming Invasions from South America, We should all be asking ourselves if we are prepared for the event.  What steps have you taken for your family? You’re protection?  What about your security?  Do you have a plan in case such an event becomes a catastrophic event?

Diseases run rampant in third world countries

Being as how countless people from third world countries often times suffer from the lack of medications needed to inoculate against communicable diseases, such unseen threats often times start pandemics from the invaders and rapidly spread among thousands or even millions of people before it becomes contained. Many such diseases carried by people from third world countries can span from less threatening such as Scabies to deadly like Ebola or AIDS.

Many diseases are airborne and one could be infected just by being in close proximity to an infected person.  It may be an issue to consider that could affect you’re normal routine.  Where you go and where you eat may be important topics to discuss with your loved ones.

President Trump is doing everything he can to secure our border

In the wake of the thousands of encroaching South Americans,  President Trump has activated our military to assist the Boarder Patrol in fending off these attackers.  It wouldn’t be unreasonable to consider Martial Law being implemented until the threat is under control.

I have heard many stories where Illegal Aliens have entered our southern boarders and stolen vehicles from unsuspecting victims.  Sometimes even carjacking.  They use the vehicles to get out of the area quickly and travel towards areas where they will be sheltered with other friends and relatives or sanctuary cities. These people are the worst kind of threat. Why you ask?  Because “Freedom” or the opportunity to get it is the only thing that they have.  When a person has nothing left but they’re “Freedom”, They will die to try to preserve it.

What precautions have you made for the invasions threat?  Have you talked with your loved one’s about it? Do you have a viable way of protecting them and yourself?  Have you made preparation with stocking up on supplies for just such a scenario? Maybe now is the time.


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