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I like to visit other Prepper Blog sites to see what their thoughts are on the various prepping subjects. Most have repetitive material but worth reading because I am always open to learning something new. James Walton of ASK A PREPPER wrote a very good article discussing ” 5 prepping RULES that are actually myths” it is worth reading. Each website has it’s own preppers reality and information according to what they find most important.

Most Prepper sites cover topics about Bugging out, Escape Vehicles, Defense Weapons, Stored Food Supplies and Useful Equipment. The best sites discuss useful skills needed to sustain yourself during various emergency situations. It never hurts to rethink or visit your “Dooms Day Plan”. to shape you’re own preppers reality.

My philosophy on prepping

My take on Bugging Out is it practical to think you can travel from Miami Florida to the Ocala National Forest let alone to the Blue Ridge mountains? Probably not. At age 55 and traveling alone, I moved my six cats and five dogs in a passenger van to San Luis Colorado. After 1800 miles 32 hours and many refuel pit stops, I was pretty much done. If it weren’t for me being stopped for speeding In Clayton NM, I probably would’ve killed myself on the upcoming mountains curves.

Depending on the event it might be wiser to shelter on site with several weeks’ worth of supplies, than attempt the logistical nightmare of traveling several hundred miles with other stressed out people. A re enforced structure or Great Room built on your property might better serve you and your family.

It’s a place you already know and can get to quickly. Traveling elsewhere requires refuel, maps, meeting up sites and safety concerns. It’s better to have your family make it to one secure location that you know and feel safe with.

Storage can create problems

If you’re making plans to hoard by storing many years of supplies, this can be a logistical and expensive proposition. It can also make you a target if discovered. If not done correctly all your efforts will be wasted.

If you live in a large urban area you might be better to storing several weeks of supplies and learning foraging skills. If you live in extremely rural or out back locations stock piling several months supplies and learning how to live off or use your local resources to supplement your inventory.

Storing anything more than two years’ worth of supplies can be expensive and not practical. Try buying a few well-chosen items each shopping trip and constantly rotate out your supplies to keep them fresh and usable. Get the experience of growing a garden in and outdoors. Heirloom Seeds should be part of you’re long term prepping plans. There are great long term storage ones available in vegetable, fruit and medicinal.

There is Safety in Numbers

Organize with your neighbors and develop a plan to work together by pooling your resources and supplies. One man alone is not going to survive long. We need to sleep sometime and we’ll need an extra pair of eyes to lookout. It’s better to work as a team in shifts. If you don’t trust your neighbors, then you’re probably living in the wrong neighborhood. 

As for firearms, I don’t think stockpiling weapons and ammunition will be a wise investment. Consider having a concealable handgun, a regular sidearm of same caliber and magazine type. A personal defense shotgun or rifle will come in handy too. For ammunition consider twice the battle load a military soldier would carry on a mission on hand. If you are sheltering in place or reside very close to your bug out location, maybe stockpile more. The only good weapon is the one you have immediate access to on your person WSHTF.

The warehouse of M60 machine guns or laws rockets will do no good if stolen, damaged or you can’t get to them. Most likely if the situation is that bad there will be military/ law enforcement check points, perimeters and bad people to contend with, putting your family at risk trying to shoot your way through these problems is not acceptable…. again, sheltering in place is a safer option.

Other Points to Consider

As for escape vehicles, unless your vehicle was manufactured in 1960 thru early 1980 of off-road design, is invisible and operates on unlimited fuel, sheltering in place may be the way to go. They’re will be thousands of ill-tempered stressed out drivers flooding escape routes and blocking law enforcement check points. The only other quick exit options may be flying or boating. On the day of 9/11 the only planes flying belonged to the authorities or the Bin Laden family fleeing this country for safety everything else was at risk of being shot down.

Tools like shovels, axes, chain cutters and saws to remove obstacles will be needed to clear the road ways and escape routes. Convoys of vehicles will be needed to move families and all the immediate supplies needed to flee the disaster area.

Medical supplies are only good if you have the training and mindset to use them. Traveling with sick or injured members will always slow you down and affect moral. It’s better to practice injury avoidance and good hygiene. 

Whats you’re preppers reality

In my opinion money will be better spent developing skills, learning tactics and getting experience that will assist you in during those troubling times. Various firearm manufactures, survival schools and knowledgeable individuals are available to teach these skills. Incorporate some of your vacation plans into developing these skills. Spend your money on things which will immediately defend your person, purify your drinking water, provide you shelter and replenish your food sources. Many life experiences have helped to shape my preppers reality. I say, go with what you know and learn about what you don’t.

Hopefully things will not get that way anytime soon but if they do make sure you are prepared.

As always be safe and healthy my friends.

Ralph Tcat.

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