2020 Election civil unrest

Civil Unrest Expectations

The phenomenal turnout of republicans and a considerable amount of democrats turning out at the election polls to vote for President Trump, has strengthened concerns of civil unrest expectations. Millions of people have made preparations for the upheaval by flooding gun stores across the country to purchase firearms and ammo.

The strain from so many new and former buyers of firearms and supplies has depleted store and manufacturer inventory so severely that much commonly found items are nowhere to be found on hand. Civil unrest expectations are so high in fact that there was a surge in first time gun owners and purchasers like no other time in history.

National price gouging

The effects of the high demand has created opportunity for many big and small business owners as well as private sellers to sell at a high markup. I personally have seen ammo that I use to buy at around twenty five cents per round now going for over two dollars. I will mention that this has been duly noted and I will personally no longer conduct business with these questionable companies.

Needless to say, this hasn’t prevented many people from buying the hard to find supplies. Fear is a powerful feeling and under the right conditions, people will pay any price to have some level of piece of mind. I for one like many other preppers have been ready for this for a long time.

Non Believers are Now Believers

Prior to covid-19, there was a lot of people throughout the population who didn’t believe there was a necessity for prepping. They teased and ridiculed those of us who did and even called us crazy.

In the wake of the virus, many store shelves were barren of food supplies and disinfectants. People literally stormed the stores in panic and hoarded food and supplies. The more depleted things got, the more panicked they became. This changed the mindset of many prior doubters.

After experiencing this very upsetting event, so very many have now become preppers. That being said, unfortunately their are still apparently many who haven’t. My trip to Sam’s Club today proved this as factual since yet again paper towels and toilet paper are becoming obsolete! This was also confirmed by a store stocking employee who told me this after I asked about paper towels not being found.

Many have taken precautions

In preparation of the expected clashes, Many people throughout the United States will be at home watching the election results after the polls close Tuesday. Millions who don’t know what the future holds will be within close proximity of a loaded firearm. They are on high alert from the unreasonable behavior as displayed by radical tyrants. They fear for their safety and the safety of their families.

Many have made preparation in advance especially since they live in high incident areas. One such person who comes to mind is a good friend of mine. Up until a just a few months ago, she lived a very sheltered life near the outskirts of a large city in Washington State. She never owned a firearm or stocked up any kind of supplies in case of emergency preparedness.

Becoming alert to the chaos occurring near her area, she began prepping. Like so many others, She purchased her first firearm and ammo. She bought a good supply of long term storage food. She even obtained her concealed carry license and reloading equipment!

Realizing how bad civil unrest can potentially get in her area, she even made arrangements with her family to leave her home and stay with them until the danger subsides. I am very proud of her and of the grand accomplishments she has made in such a very short time!

The time is now, right now

Many online articles you read try and sucker you in to some monetized gimmick or subscription. That being said, If you have been following me for any length of time now; you know our intentions are pure. My primary focus has always been to educate and inform my readers first. I have given companies the opportunity to advertise on my website. In return, it sometimes allows a very small return.

I have been a prepper ever since about 1991. I’ve never had a high degree of fear at any time that I wouldn’t be able to survive any realistic emergency situation. I want to be clear about something with you now. What I’m saying is to be crystal clear. This election is different. The dynamics are different. Even the mentality is different.

We have the possibility of threats coming from numerous avenues. They’re not just from civil unrest. Not just from what Democrats are threatening to do with many of your Constitutional Rights. It’s the very real possibility of foreign countries taking an opportunity to hit us at our weakest moment.

What we can do as a nation

First and foremost, it’s important that people keep a cool head on their shoulders and formulate a plan. If you haven’t made a plan yet, no worries because it’s not too late until it’s in your face.

There is safety in numbers so now’s a good time to meet your Vietnam vet neighbor who you have been avoiding for all these years. Let him know that you really appreciate him and the sacrifice he made. It will help to ease his his mind that you’re not a potential threat and he might even save your skin! Talk to your family and other neighbors to have a plan in case things go bonkers in your neighborhood.

If you see something unusual, say something. Notify your local law enforcement, neighbors or whoever could be potentially in harms way.

There is talent everywhere

Everyone has something to offer no matter what the situation dictates. Just like the Vet mentioned above, They’re hundreds of thousands of active and retired military, law enforcement, medical and just all around good people willing to help out in any situation. One proven fact about Americans is that in times of need, we come together. No matter what possibilities the future holds for us good or bad, Americans will survive.

Final thoughts

I cannot stress the importance of having a plan any more then I am now. Having even a bad plan is better then no plan and having plan A and plan B is better then just a plan. Be very aware of your surroundings and who is near you. Glance your eyes into theirs to let them know that you are aware of them.

Stay alert to any suspicious activity in your immediate area. You know your territory better than anyone and can quickly notice changes. Notify Law Enforcement of anything suspicious. Let your neighbors know also if you can safely. Do not put yourself or your family in harms way. Avoid large crowds in public and street intersections. Most importantly of all, keep a cool, calm head on your shoulders.

Feel free to leave a comment and reach out if you have any questions. Please be sure to follow my blog for more great articles.


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