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Alarm clock

My alarm clock Sasha the Rottweiler wakes me up every morning at sunrise 0645 hours Eastern Standard Time, only problem is we’re sleeping in the Mountain Standard Time zone which is 2 hours earlier. Her internal alarm clock never reset after the 2000-mile road trip up here.

Going on three months since I started this midlife adventure getting a good solid night sleep has been few and far between. Getting my pet rescue family settled into this new environment has been challenging to say the least.

 GiGi and Raisin are small breeds dogs which have a bladder length of about 4 hours and being on medication makes it shorter than that. Waking up from a sound sleep to go outside at 2am and 30 degree temperature has been a test of my character. That’s why they call it zero dog 30.

I better understand how people caring for elderly parents or raising children find themselves in trouble after losing their tempers because of domestic stress and lack of sleep.  I am fortunate my brother is here as my time out button. AS much as I miss her after GiGi passed away my stress load cut in half.

So, you’ve evacuated to your “Prepper Shelter” and are starting the Prepper lifestyle. Most likely the days of sleeping on a Sleep Number California king bed are gone now changed to sleeping on a full-size air mattress which leaks.  Every night starts out full of hope but by morning your flat on the floor aching back, stiff neck, life can only get better attitude.

 (What? were out of creamer…. ahhhhh).

Where is the Bionic Woman when I need her, oh that’s right at home sleeping on her sleep number queen size mattress.

So, what are you sleeping on; mattress sizes differ between Europe and The United States

Our Twin is 38 x74 inches and in Europe it is 35x 79 ,  Full is 54x 74 inches and theirs is 55x 79 inches, our King is 76×80 and their king  63×79. Our Twins and Queens sizes are replaced with an European Emperor 85×85 inch size.   No Queens only Emperor’s hmm interesting.

 Even in our country mattress sizes can very between manufacture because of tolerances, padding, and support. A nice to know fact if your planning to sleep at a Bed and Breakfast during your Apocalypse Now Vacation.

Make sure you bring a good Sleeping bag, Comforter, Afghan, Quilt or as my ex-wife would say “Duvet”. If you innovative you can make a quilt out of your old one size to small shirts or do like I do and sleep under 6 cats and 4 dogs.

 Now to start my new day with a cup of turpentine and a copy of Global Catastrophe weekly.

Hey guys, see if anyone can get Lindsay Wagner to run over to Thrifty way in Center to pick up some creamer, I’ll buy if she flies, ( PLEASE).

As always be safe and healthy my friends. Be sure to follow our blog.

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