Candida Auris Superbug

Could Candida Auris be one of the plagues of the bible?

Candida Auris is known as a species of fungus which grows as yeast. It was first described in 2009 and causes candidiasis in humans. People with weakened immune systems have been most effected and is typically acquired in hospitals and other healthcare facilities .

The fungus attacks the nervous system, blood stream and internal organs of the human body. Through mutation, the fungus has become highly resistant to antibiotics.

Are we on the verge of a Pandemic?

Candida Auris was first noted in being discovered in the ear canal of a 70 year old Japanese woman who was in a hospital in Japan. The fungus has spread widely across several locations throughout Asia, Europe, North, South and Central America, Canada, and the middle east. It’s first appearance in the United States was in 2013.

Candida Auris has a high mortality rate.

According to the Center for Disease Control, thirty to sixty percent of patients who contracted Candida Auris has died. This is highly contributed to the fungus’s ability to become resistant to treatment and with other medical complications being involved.

Portability of Candida Auris is high.

It is highly likely that the fungus can be transported from persons who have been in healthcare settings. These persons most likely have other health issues which caused they’re immune system to be weakened.

With the movement of many people from other countries, Many Super Bugs can be transmitted to unsuspecting persons. Many immigrants that enter countries undetected are not checked for health problems.

Are Natural Treatments the answer?

Being as how this health concern seems to be becoming non treatable from within a clinical setting, could natural alternatives be the answer? Hans Frieder is an author and authority on the subject. Most of his research being involved with fungus invading the skin and toenail, more can be linked to related complications with Candida Aris. His book on the subject can be found by clicking here. A link to Candida Aris Fact Sheet can be found here.

Try to stay clear of health care facilities that are unclean

Friends, I can not stress the importance enough of trying to steer clear of healthcare facilities that are unclean. We’ve all been inside one at some point. The ones that look like every street bum has visited within the last twelve hours to get a free shot of morph. Usually it’s the Emergency Room that is noticeable when you go late at night. It’s full of rough looking people. Until this Superbug is under control and no longer spreading to people from contact with medical equipment, I’ll reduce my chances of catching it by staying home…. Even IF I’m near death from the flu or whatever.

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