Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus Update

As of January 23, 2020 The coronavirus has effectively managed to spread over a large area of China and many other countries to include the United States.

Aljazeera reported today that the flu like virus had originated from Wuhan a central Chinese city in Hubei and has spread world wide from it’s origination point.

Casualties expected, estimated in thousands

China confirmed 830 corona virus cases with 25 fatalities according to the National Health Commission. Newly discovered cases of Wuhan virus in Japan and South Korea. Infection was confirmed in a middle aged man that traveled to Japan. He is currently hospitalized. South Korea confirmed a second case which had originated from China. This was according to the countries disease control. (KCDC)

The World Health Organization claims that the viral infection originating in China that has infected hundreds of people is not yet considered to be a Global Health Emergency. With new cases of the virus popping up in random locations, health care professionals have concerns of casualties being estimated in the thousands.

Travel bans implemented

Cities inside China including Ezhou, Wuhan, Xiantao and Huanggang have implemented travel bans. Movement by railway, long distance bus and ferry services have been stopped. This was according to information on city websites and state media.

Playgrounds, markets with live birds and entertainment locations were closed due to the threat of contracting the virus. The small city of Chibi is suspending public transport to other locations effective midnight (16:00 GMT)

145M Allocated to contain virus

It is reported that China allocated 1 billion yuan (145M) to Hubei province in effort to contain the virus. Hubei was hit impacted most in the region by the virus since its onset.

The U.S. Department of State on January 23, 2020 issued a Level 4 Travel Caution. The reason, Not Travel To Hubei Province, China due to novel coronavirus. The U.S. CDC also issued a level 3 alert to (Avoid Nonessential Travel). This was for ongoing outbreaks of respiratory illness.

Ebola drug considered as treatment

On Thursday January 23, 2020, Gilead Sciences Inc. said it was assessing if its experimental ebola drug treatment could be used to treat coronavirus infection. Even though there is no antiviral data on the drug being effective to treat the virus, testing on animals did show effective results against the SARS coronavirus.

Gilead remains in active discussions with researchers and clinicians in the U.S. and China. The potential use of the drug called Remdesivir as an investigatory treatment remains a posibility.

Suspected Case in Texas

On January 23, 2020, a suspected case of novel coronavirus is being investigated in Brazos County, Texas. A patient who traveled from from Wuhan, China where the virus originated has been suspected of contracting the virus and is currently isolated at home. Health officials advised precautionary testing is being conducted and if confirmed will be promptly announced. It is unknown at this time if the patient may have infected anyone else with the suspected virus.

Possibility of Global Epidemic

It is no surprise to any of our readers that one possible apocalyptic event could be a global epidemic. If such an event occurred, it could possibly have mortality numbers in the hundreds of thousands or millions. Due to long incubation periods, one could easily infect hundreds of people daily and not be aware they are sick.

Past history has taught us that such events have indeed occurred and have wiped out massive numbers of population. Depending on where one lives and the interaction they have with people will determine the infection rate. Prepping for such unknown catastrophes by stocking food and water supplies should be a priority to everyone. Be it natural events, man made or whatever, we can never be overly prepared.

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  1. Well Ken, It’s like this. The information on this subject is constantly changing. So quickly in fact that it is literally by the minute. That being said, what you are currently informed on and what I am currently informed on will be dictated by the information that is available at the time we are reading it. I seriously doubt that you are an authority on any of the information contained therein and are only trying to make a quick buck from using scare tactics to sell one of your ill informed books. Frankly, I wouldn’t read one of your books if it was sitting on the side table inside of the doctors office during a two hour wait. The reason being because unless you are an authority on the subject like currently engaged in employment with the CDC or any other agency that’s involved, Then you don’t know anything more than I do. Have a good day. 🙂

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