Doomsday Super Submarine

Russia’s New Doomsday Weapon

On Tuesday 04/23/2019, A Military Shipyard in St. Petersburg Russia launched the newest Doomsday Super Submarine in their fleet. President Vladimir Putin was on sight to view the launch of the Belgorod sub.

Russia’s new doomsday weapon is designed to be equipped with the new Poseidon Drones which are expected to be ready next year. Putin has mentioned that tests of the Poseidon Drones have been effective in causing tsunami waves to coastal areas which cause major devastation.

Nuclear Weaponry on a Cataclysmic Scale

Both the Belgorod Doomsday Submarine and it’s arsenal of high tech weaponry are nuclear powered. It has been said that it has the capabilities to render U.S missile defense systems useless.

The submarine is also reported to be able to dive to depths of 1700 feet. At these depths the submarine becomes hard to detect.

The Longest Submarine

Popular Mechanics has reported that the Belgorod Doomsday Submarine would be the worlds longest submarine at around 604 feet. The Belgorod also has a unique feature of a large bulge on the lower hull.

It has been said that the feature could relate to retractable steerable thrusters. These could be used for precise position holding.

Preparing for Doomsday

Fellow readers, I cannot be more adamant about becoming a prepper. Our world today has danger lurking around every corner. The likelihood of a major Doomsday or Catastrophic event happening in our lifetime is very plausible. I attempt to share information with my readers on these issues in a timely manner to keep you apprised of threats.

I strongly recommend that if you have not already done so, that you take precautions and prepare for a minimum 72 hour event. Regardless if it is a power outage, storm or something more devastating. Try and have enough supplies to get yourself and family through until the event has cleared.

Supplies for preppers

Many items can be found locally but special items can always be ordered online for as long as the grid is still operative. Some of my greatest finds for prepping have been made in thrift stores of all places.

There is no better time to prepare than Now!


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