Environmental Contamination

The EPA and You

Everyday somewhere in America there is an environmental contamination issue which will have an effect on your life style. The Environmental Protection Agency has developed a SUPERFUND list of hazardous sites. The United States government has made this part of the CERCLA Act. Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act 1980.

Super Fund sites are polluted locations requiring a long-term response to clean up hazardous material contamination’s.

Possible Contamination Sources

Many local businesses and military bases are responsible for the contamination mostly due to poor maintenance or housekeeping practices. Old fuel tanks and pipes leaking into the ground water supply.

Business using harsh chemicals in the production of their product then incorrectly disposing of the waste product. Even people who buries their waste motor oil in the yard or pours gasoline onto Red Ant piles is responsible.

Some had criminal intention to save money and increase profit and some because they didn’t know better at the time. When the problem became bad enough, the business closed their doors and moved elsewhere. They left the problem for local governments to clean up.

Everyone is affected by this from the air you breath, to the water you drink or wash your cloths in. WE ALL are affected by this physically and monetarily. It affects our children during their developmental years and us adults as we get older and develop health problems.

If you work or purchase anything, a part of you’re taxes go to fund these cleanup operations. We also pay for it through higher health care and insurance premiums.

Some Noteworthy Locations

According to the EPA, every State in the Union and its territories has been listed with a Super Fund Site. Many needing immediate clean up. Some larger counties in each state listed more than once depending on past industry, land fill location and military installations.

If you live within five kilometers of an airport, landfill, military base, farm, or manufacturing company and get your drinking water from a ground well or aquifer; you are most likely a victim of some chemical contamination. We drink this water, wash our car and clothes with this water. We conduct personal hygiene with this water. There is a high probability that we may be exposed to higher than normal levels of lead, arsenic, even toxic fire-retardant waste products from firefighting events.

In Orlando Florida, a residential community was built on top of an old munitions dump site. It contained several unexploded rounds of ammunition. It had recently been unearthed in residential and the local school yards. All rusting away and seeping into the ground water supply.

Most of Southern Colorado Springs is under a drinking water restriction or warning because of old ground water contamination. This is from Peterson Air Force Base. The US Military is dragging their feet by claiming to be unable to pay for the extensive cleanup operation. They have left the taxpayer and local government to foot the bill. A class action law suit is currently pending.

Kirtland AFB is a Time Bomb

Albuquerque New Mexico is five years away from a massive drinking water contamination issue. Kirtland Air Force Base was given a pass on ground water inspection since the 1950’s. During this time of no inspection, aviation fuel had been leaking millions of gallons of fuel. Most going into the municipal ground water supply.

Water that the residents has consumed every day since 1950, why was nothing said sooner? Because the Air Force in conjunction with the local International Airport are one of the largest employers to the community. I guess they feel contamination is one of the perks of their employment.

We are our biggest threat

Prepper or not, no one is immune to this pending environmental contamination disaster. We don’t need outside influences of ISIS or Russia to cause our collapse. We’ve been doing it to ourselves all along.  

If you would like to get involved, go to the EPA Superfund site to see what’s going on in the community around you. Be aware of improper business dumping activities that is going on around you. Demand a receipt if you hire someone to dispose of waste products. This may deter them from dumping it in your back yard. Demand your local politicians to make proper “House Keeping” decisions when allowing businesses to operate. Code Enforcement can be a nasty word to some but our children and grand children’s health depend on it.

Water Purification is a Must Have

We recommend a water purification system for your consumable water supply. Your health can be affected by consumption and cleaning with contaminated water. Just talk to Flint Michigan residents.

I think of the last few episodes of BREAKING BAD. Walt is alone in his mountain hideaway and hacking up his lungs and spitting out blood from cancer. That could be any of us. It sure would be a waste to let all your prepping skills go to waste. SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING.   

As always please be safe and healthy my friends.

Ralph Tcat.

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