Hey FTC! Where’s My Facebook Fine Cut?

The AP News reported today that Facebook anticipates receiving a fine from the FCC of up to $5 Billion dollars. I didn’t stutter friends. That is 5 Billion Dollars with a Capital B!

The fines from the Federal Trade Commission’s investigation of weather the social media giant violated us users privacy. The investigation stemming from if Facebook broke an agreement it made back in 2011 to protect users privacy.

There are many possible violations

Other issues that have impacted Facebook are the data mining complaints with Cambridge Analytica scandal. As many as 87 Million Facebook users data was accessed without their consent.

Cambridge Analytica was a supplier of political data and had access to what was normally private user data. It benefited further from a loophole within Facebook and was able to access data of users friends as well.

In Facebook’s Defense

Facebook has had settings in place within the users control settings area that could restrict such access however the settings have been buried deep in the settings control panel and were very hard to find.

The average user doesn’t look for the special settings to restrict such access. Users also agree to certain usage agreements which Facebook has them click on much of which is lengthy and written with a legalese.

Show Me The Money

It often seems that the ones that benefit from the misfortune of others are the agencies and companies on a much larger scale. After all, We Facebook Users are the Ultimate Victims here! So why my friends should the FCC impose such fines on Facebook and of course keep the money? Shouldn’t we be the one’s that ultimately prosper from the violation?

I think everyone is pretty much fed up with the way things are being handled in this country. Stupid legislation getting passed in the Senate that only hurts the Good Guy. The hard working man/woman puts their time in to draw a measly small Social Security check and pay ridiculous amounts of taxes. I could go on and on!

The time for change is now

If your blood isn’t boiling by now friends then I’m afraid that there is no hope. On the other hand if you’ve had enough of the way you keep getting excrement shoveled down your throat like I have then do something! Get out and vote in the elections! Get involved in your communities! Start a Blog to let people know whats going on! If we don’t unite my fellow patriots to set the course of this country on a correct path leading to correction, we are surely doomed.


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