Preppers Aren’t Crazy

What the critics think

When I talk to about Doomsday Prepping with most people, I usually get a funny look. Kind of like I should be in a loony bin. Little do they realize that just 100 years ago people in America were living the Prepper life style. Preppers aren’t crazy, they are prepared.

Our Ancestors lived by prepping

The Good housekeeping magazine printed an article years ago that described life back in 1918. World War One or the Great War was just coming to an end. The public was rationing meat and other household goods to support soldiers fighting over seas. The car of choice was Henry Ford’s Model T and a gallon of gasoline cost twenty-five cents.

People could purchase kit homes from Sears and Roebucks. Raggedy Ann dolls and Teddy Bears were the toys of choice. Toasters were coming on the market and zippers were just being added to clothing.

Butter cost fifty cents. A dozen eggs was fifty-seven cents and bread was just ten cents for a loaf. The average middle-income family earned Fifteen-hundred dollars per year. On the down side, over sixteen million Americans had died from the flu. Vaccines did not exist back then.

Women were just entering the work force but could not vote and there was no such thing as minimum wage. Unemployment was low, but most workers were working in sweatshops for low wages and poor conditions.

Indoor plumbing was just becoming available in big cities and residents in rural locations used outhouses. They didn’t have water purification devices like we have nowadays. The Telephone was just coming to age and the United States postal system just started flying mail to other cities.

Entertainment was Charlie Chaplin black and silent movies on theater big screens. People listened to Orson Wells on the Radio box. Only Nineteen percent of young adults aged fifteen to eighteen attended secondary schools and even less graduated. Most worked at factories, on farms or served in the military when they could sneak in under age.

Preppers aren’t crazy because they know It can all be gone in a flash

The existence of people living on the land we now call America dates back thousands of years. Nineteen Eighteen only seems like yesterday. Taking for granted everything we have now could be gone in a flash and set us back into the primitive ages. Preppers aren’t crazy because they realize this.

It would be nice to recognize the sacrifices, hardships and contributions that our great grandparents made while living in those times because that could have easily been us.

As always be safe and healthy my friends.

Ralph Tcat & EndPrepper.

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