Rumors of wars

With all the happenings going on around the world, we all have concerns for what tomorrow will bring. Senseless wars spawning from greed paid for at the price of human blood. The rumors of wars that rumble in our ears like a storm in a not so far off distance. Leaving little faith that tomorrow will come.

In unsure times such as these, we move forward with fixated eyes and ears awaiting dreaded news to come at any time. Many of us have our own blood invested into our freedom. Many have gave some, Some have given all; but yet we continue forward and hope for a better future.

Adversary’s abroad

Interestingly enough, we are at a place now where our leadership has managed to land us in a place of conflict and turmoil among our neighboring countries. The foundation for these selfish acts all stem from the same selfish reasons as always. Greed, Power, and corruption being the major components.

The people that we elect to hear our voice and implement our requests to have equal and fair opportunities only turn deaf ears towards us once they have been elected into office. They then work toward completing their own agendas for self while we barely survive until the next clown show begins.

We’re not alone

If any think this political theatrical poop show only occurs in the USA, you couldn’t be more wrong. Many other countries suffer the same exact problems. Some are worse, much worse than our system of government. All we have to do is reflect back in time and revisit history to see where we are headed.

My heart grieves for friends and family abroad, for without what is certain to warrant an act of divination, many will succumb to the demise of their nations actions innocently and foolishly.

Zelensky’s controversial statement

The radicalized leader of Ukraine recently made a public statement that the US will have to send son’s and daughters to war. Not realizing how he effectively demonstrated his lack of intelligence and hyper inflated ego. I speak for all Americans in announcing to him, don’t hold your breath. The short little fat dude can fight his own battles and take ninety five percent of Washington with you. You won’t be missed.

America has truly veered way off course from enjoying the freedoms that we once had. If we don’t make a complete one hundred and eighty degree turnaround, the USA will fall by the wayside of these dictators. I will never and I know you will never allow our sons and daughters go to be killed in such senseless wars such as the Ukraine war. Our own government won’t even secure our own borders yet they expect our children to go secure another countries? Ridiculous!

WW3 won’t be fought with sticks and stones

World war three won’t be fought with sticks and stones but world war four will be. Having threats from all sides of the world, the realization of a high probability involving nuclear war is very real. Intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of carrying a nuclear payload thousands of times more powerful than that which was used on Hiroshima is now available. Every big player around the world has the vehicle but only the largest, most developed countries have the nuclear payload.

In a split second, thousands of nukes could be en route to Russia, China, United States, Israel or anywhere. Some arriving in only seconds after launch if sent from military vehicles. Life as we know it would cease. Millions of people would die and our planet wouldn’t be fit for life. World war four would be fought with sticks and stones should any survive. For all of my fellow doomsday preppers, unless you’re able to live underground for many years to come; we would be better off dead. All of the ammo, seeds, food, water or whatever other supplies you’ve been hoarding for decades won’t help when were all glowing in the dark.

I dedicate this one to Dohia. I hope we have a chance.

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