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A little on Legislation

We’re a little more than a month into the New Year 2020 and here is some of the things your politicians are trying to do that will affect you as a End Prepper. It’s time to Wake Up America!

Illinois law makers are trying to introduce legislation which would require you to reveal all your Social Media Accounts, so they can be reviewed before you purchase a firearm. Where are we going with this would you like to install cameras in my residence and review my childhood school records to see if it is safe for me to purchase a firearm?

There thought is this will prevent future mass shootings like Parkland High school because bad guys always post their intent on their Facebook page. Gee I understood the shooter in that situation already owned his firearm before posting his intent on Facebook, so I guess we will also have to submit to continuous monitoring once we own weapons to make sure it still safe for us Good Guys to retain ownership.

Connecticut law makers want to introduce a 50% sales tax on ammunition purchases by law abiding citizens to fund firearms eradication programs making a $10.00 box of ammo cost $15.00. Democrat Julian Gilchrist is calling for the tax because purchasing ammunition is a public health issue like purchasing cigarettes. You “Might: hurt someone.  Chalk up one to Julian Gilchrist to punish the law-abiding citizen and not the criminal or does she consider all firearms owners to be criminals???

Newly elected California Governor Gavin Newson is pushing legislation to punish firearms owners by background checks each time you purchase ammunition.  Each Time… taking about highway robbery reaching into you pockets EACH time you purchase ammunition….

From the News Articles

It only gets better my friend because these are some of the other news articles from around America.

New York Law Makers want to increase minimum wage for prison inmates because the law maker feels that the inmates should be treated with Dignity and Respect and should share in the fruits of their labor.   The average American inmate earns between ten cents to a dollar fourteen per hour and New York wants to increase their rate to $3.00 per hour.

I know that’s not a lot of money per hour, TRUE but these people are incarcerated because they committed crimes and declined to follow the laws of our society. Garbage men, Teachers, Nurses, Firemen and Police Officers deserve to be treated with respect! The employees at fast food restaurants deserve be treated with respect! People who are incarcerated should be paying for they’re stay they get better health care than the average American.

In New Jersey Lawmakers are pushing for a bill to allow municipalities to create a utilities tax which will allow them to charge for rain run off on properties with paved driveways and parking lots.  Their claim is that the salt melt and fertilizers are impacting the environment. Again, another way to reach deep into the working law-abiding persons pockets and take their hard-earned money.

History is repeating itself

We politely asked the British to stop governing the United States because of excessive taxes and laws without representation it may be time to ask these politicians to do the same.

When a person takes a political position, they should be dragged screaming and hollering into the position because it was their turn to do the right thing for the people. Most people go willingly into office for their own personal agenda.

One recently elected politician made statement to the press that we as a country should go more lighter on the young men of our country who wish to join ISIS to same group that is trying to harm our country.

Most of our fellow Americans are outraged by crime and violence but why are we being punished for the actions of a few, The same people who shout that a hundred criminals should go free to prevent prosecuting one innocent person are the same people who are enacting laws to punish law abiding tax paying Americans base on those hundred people.

Its time for a change people before we find ourselves in the same boat as Venezuela or France and without a way to correct it.  The next time you want a steak you might have to wait three days to get the knife to cut it with. It’s time to Wake Up America and Stop This Madness!

Always be safe and healthy my friends.


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