Life after the Apocalypse

What will it be like?

Have you put much thought into what it will be like after a major disaster? Living in end times will be difficult. Have you thought about what will it be like living life after the apocalypse?

According to Lindsey Koehler of Colorado online ” 5280″ these seven categories for end times

1. Pandemic
2. Hazardous materials
3. Artificial Intelligence
4.Nuclear war
5.Electric magnetic Pulse
6.Bio Terrorism

People laugh and say I’m crazy for thinking about these things but that seems to be the problem with most Americans. After three days they forget or don’t care if the event did not touch their lives. Just google the topics and I will guarantee you somewhere in the world and even in this country most of the above topics have happened just not on a large enough scale that people remember it.

Lets address each of these events

1.HIV/Aids was considered a Pandemic in this country from 2005 through 2012 prior to that it was a Flu Pandemic of 1968. HIV/AIDS has killed 36 million people and the Flu Pandemic of 1968 killed 1 million. Ebola is only considered to be an Epidemic event.

2. LAC- Meg-antic Rail disaster of July 2013. The brakes failed on a parked train causing a derailment in the early morning hours leaving 47 dead and 30 buildings destroyed.
2014 through present The Flint Michigan Water Crisis caused by a city official wanting to save money changed water sources. This caused 100.000 residents to be exposed to polluted water. I bet you some of those residents have since invested in water purification systems.

3. A Motley Fool article talks about two of Google’s Virtual assistants developing their own language. Alexia systems ordering products from based on what it heard from near by TV sets , and now the numerous Uber self driving car fatality accidents which have occurred in 2018. Terminator may not be that far behind.

4. Three mile Island 1979. Chernobyl 1986. Fukushima Daiichi 2011 and the everyday issues of Iran and North Korea governments threatening our way of life makes me believe that the Nuclear disaster is a real threat.

5. The last electrical magnetic pulse event occurred in 1859 known as the Carrington event which was the largest solar storm in the world history. Back in a time when nobody really cared. Fact is it did occur.

6. In 1972, two college students were arrested for actively attempting to poison Chicago’s water supply. They actually obtained a “poison” from a hospital where one of the students worked. 1984 Bhaqwaw Shree Rajneesh followers attempted to influence local elections in Oregon by incapacitating local resident by poisoning salad bars in a surrounding establishment. In 2001, it was the anthrax being sent through the mail which killed 5 people.

7. As of today 11/09/2018 NASA is currently tracking 3 asteroids, 2018 vs1, 2018 vr1, and 2018 vx1 which will be passing between the moon and earth. In 2013, residents in Russia were made believers when the Chelyabinsk Asteroid disintegrated in orbit above them. It blew out windows to homes. NASA thinks enough that it has the NASA Center for Near Earth Object Studies.
With this all said and done do you still think I’m crazy, hold on I have my Geico end of time insurance agent on the other line (yes sir, I was inquiring about updating my Apocalypse insurance, yes I want the property and life rider…) .

As always please be safe and healthy my friends.

Ralph Tcat.

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