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Cast Iron Cookware will last beyond a lifetime

Once times are tight, you are going to have to conduct maintenance yourself on everything if you want it to last. No more putting good old stuff to the curb just to go to the store and buy a new latest and greatest replacement.
You are going to want to take care of your water treatment equipment and cookware if you want to survive. Paper plates and plastic forks don’t wash well in soap and water.

So as part of your survival camp, you probably purchased some cast iron cookware. Good old USA steel. The skillets are almost small-caliber bullet proof… If you take properly care of them. If you don’t want your bacon and eggs to taste like metal your cast iron skillet will need to be seasoned from time to time. Don’t submerge the skillet in water scrub with a chemical free stainless steel scrubber.

Wash with hot water, then thoroughly towel dry immediately; to prevent rusting. Consider adding a little olive oil and putting on a warm burner for two minutes to maintain seasoning.

If you’re ready to clean it but the meal really stuck to the pan, put it back in the oven at 500 degree for 1 hour and it will burn off any remaining food articles. Let it cool before cleaning. If no oven or electricity, season over a campfire.

Store cast iron dutch ovens and other pans with the lids off to allow air to circulate and prevent condensation rust. If stacking consider lining with paper towels between each pan. Do not put in a dish washer the detergents will destroy the cast iron. Do not use bleach or harsh cleaning fluids this will also destroy the cast iron.

Cook on low heat and use plastic or wood kitchen utensils to prevent damaging the cast iron.
Clean immediately after cooking with acidic foods such foods containing tomato sauce, lemon juice or vinegar. You do not want to store leftover food in cast iron cookware.

Certain foods like delicate fish, pancakes, eggs and rice will tend to stick to the pan no matter how seasoned the pan. Clean and dry thoroughly when done cooking them.

Because cast iron retains flavors from previous cooked foods, prepare you’re deserts in a separate pan or you’re cinnamon buns may end up tasting like the fish you just cooked.

Re Apply oil to you’re cookware after each cleaning. Wipe out any left over oil and store. If you take care and regularly season your cast iron cookware, it will probably out last you.

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