Chickens in Prepping

Chickens as a part of prepping is a smart option

Many preppers will laugh at the idea of having chickens as part of they’re survival plan. In all reality though, having chickens can be a very beneficial addition to a preppers survival plan.

I am no authority on raising chickens by any means but one advantage that I do have is an eighty five year old mother who is still alive. She has all of the experience from living during the end of the Great Depression as did my father. Her stories of how rough it was to live during those days are enough to really make one appreciate how good life is today

Chickens were a staple food

In those days during the Great Depression, People ate chickens and products of chickens every day. Chickens next to Cows were the most prevalent food source. If you had chickens around in those days, you were never hungry.

Chickens required very little maintenance to keep alive. They literally eat and peck at almost everything they see on the ground. Corn is the main source provided to them by their owners.

Eggs in a chicken nest.
Eggs laying in a nest

Eggs from chickens offer a very good source of protein. More than half of the protein inside of an egg comes from the white. Other valuable vitamins and minerals come from them also.

Back in the day when they wanted a chicken to eat for dinner, Mother said they just walked behind the house and caught one. They grabbed the chicken by the head / neck and slung it around and around until it’s neck was broken.

Next they boiled a pot of water and then dunked the chicken into the hot water to soften the skin. They then plucked all of the feathers out before removing the entrails.

Chicken coop with several white chickens.
Chicken Coop

The Chicken Coop

It was important back then to keep the chickens pinned up and safe. If you didn’t have a coop and fencing for them then they were hard to catch. A properly built Chicken Coop was very important as it protected them from predators. It also gives the chickens a place to roost and lay eggs.

Chicken Coops are built in many different ways. Some people use old dilapidated structures. Several different and inexpensive designs of Chicken Coops can be found here by Clicking On This Link.

A pile of tasty fried chicken.
Fried Chicken

Keeping it Simple

Chickens in prepping is indeed a simplistic source of nutritional food. If you have a piece of ground in mind to build you’re bug out shelter, chickens can be a great addition. They are inexpensive in both upkeep and initial purchase. The value as a trading asset is high in the event of a WSHTF situation

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