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Many shows on TV nowadays have good information. You could say that in a way they are educational channels and are geared toward ones interests.

When you apply for certain professions, sometimes the application process requires psychological tests to see if you’re sane enough to work in insane conditions. After a while the questions stick in your brain and you’re trying to figure out how those questions really pertain to you. Do you love your mother or should you be sitting on the group “W” bench with Arlo Guthrie and all the other litterers.

Some of the questions like “Would you rather read a book or watch television?” “Listen to music or cook?” Probably to figure out if you’re level-headed, a listener, doer or thinker. To me it depends on the program, writer or musician. I don’t care for drama. There’s enough in the news for real to last a life time. I don’t want it as entertainment.

Some of my picks for educational channels would be shows like Les Stroud’s “Survivor man” than some contestant being voted off Survivor. At least with Survivor Man there’s a chance you might learn something useful. Dual survival offers a nature vs military perspective for survival skills and Dude Your Screwed offers survival techniques from different survival tacticians. They get dumped where ever with what ever is in their pockets. Its shows survival is more about mentality than a tool.

Home Time and This Old House series complement the DIY off the grid building programs to give you the foundation and understanding of what is involved with footing ,structure, electrical, roofing and landscaping. Lessons from Roger Cook can do wonders making your bomb shelter more visually attractive through landscaping.

I limit my reading to how too books. This Old House magazine, Mother Earth News and use the internet to research people places and things. I spend a lot of time on and Wikipedia reading up to take care of my rescue family.

YouTube how to videos are good but do your homework to make sure your not getting a load of crap. Some online mechanics are good and some … well you know. The PBS cooking programs are worth the time and effort might even do wonders for impressing the next future misses (Or not) . Single guys still need to eat.

One of the best stress relievers is listening to music but not at the level that shakes the frame of the car next to you. I’m talking about the soft level that with a couple of deep breaths lets your mind relax.
I think a Prepper is a combination of all three , they listen, think about the problem and do something about it by preparing for it. Knowledge is the strongest weapon.

Be safe and healthy my friends

Ralph Tcat

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