Family Values in Prepping

Family Values

I was having a Prepper conversation with a friend of mine the other day about family values and several television programs came to mind, That 70’s show, Leave it to Beaver, Dennis the Menace, and a Jim Croce music. 

The conversation made me think about how I was raised, what life experiences and education was available and what will be needed if we are to survive as  country into the future.  Our family values have taken a beating with many of us coming from single parent families or even becoming single parents ourselves.

Being a single parent or coming from a single parent family is not necessarily bad it just means you’re life experiences are different and you will have to become tougher physically and mentally.  Meal portions will be smaller, clothing and personal property will need to last longer.

The way it is now

We live in a great technological age. A time of cell phones, laptops and social media when just  about 100 years ago we were using out houses and a little before that hiding behind trees to conduct our personal business.  (Right there next to the bear).

This brings the Harry Chapin song “Cats in the Cradle ” to mind. If you get a chance to down load some of his music, he had a genuine talent and his music is about the working person’s life. Go listen to some of his music this blog or as my generation would say “Article” will still be here.

Surviving without luxuries

Good your back now, the rest of this should make sense. We live in a very fast paced time. Earning a buck means everything because it pays the bills and makes modern life a little easier to cope with. What happens when something major strikes and how will we and our children cope.

 I spent 30 days without power in 2017 from a Central Florida Hurricane, 240 plus days without Air Conditioning in Florida summer heat before we were able to fund replacing the home ac unit, then due to unforeseen circumstances another 30 plus days without a clothes washer and dryer doing laundry the old fashion way by hand in a bucket then hanging on a cloths line to dry. For most families in this country we are not protected by the security details and live pay check to pay check not because we want to.

Family Preparation

Getting the family involved. Family values.
Family on lake

This is where preparing our children with extra schooling and life experience are becoming important. Life is only going to get tougher as we rely on technology to guide us through our daily functions. I was lucky enough to grow up with exposure to 4-H, Distributive Education Classes of America (DECA) and the Windermere police explorers as part of my life educational experiences.

Get the family involved

What I recommend to you as a busy hard working parent is to seek out some of these after school activities. Wikipedia has a whole list to look at as a way to get your children off the internet and outdoors into the fresh air.  Some programs cost money and others are covered by the government, you know the guys who cut into your hard earned income so  why not get some back for your kids education. 

Order of the Arrow, Young Marines, 4-H, Future Farmers of America, Youth Conservation Corps,  The Boys and Girls Scouts of America, Outward Bound, JROTC, Civil Air Patrol and YMCA.   Shop or home economics high school classes, automotive anything that teaches a skill that make your child  more physically fit, disciplined and self confident. All the traits that will be needed to tough out and survive end times.  

My experience with youth

I say this after working at a community college where I have seen young adults pass out from test anxiety. These same young adults who will someday be managing your retirement funds, preparing your meals or providing your health care.

With cannabis becoming legal in most states, Ward And June Cleaver working all the time Beaver is bound to hang out with Dennis the Menace doing things we don’t want them to do. None of us has the time to be Red Forman.

As always be safe and healthy my friends. Be sure to follow our blog for more informative articles.

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