Firearm Safety Reminder

 Firearm safety reminder 2019

Its January, A new year for season joy and wishing happiness to all its also an increased time for people carrying and handling firearms. Weather it be receiving a firearm as a gift, carrying for self defense or going hunting this is time for a firearm safety reminder.

No I am not the guy whose going to bust your chops about wearing a seat belt or talking on your phone while driving. Were all grown ups so I expect you to make adult decisions and take responsibility for your actions.

Just lately over and over again in the news I am hearing about people being hurt or killed because of careless handling of firearms.  Not only does someone needlessly get hurt but these actions are killing us in the Gun Control arena more frenzy to create even more restrictions and laws.

Treat all firearms as if they are loaded

Oct 2018 Hunter shot by his own dog inside his vehicle when dog steps on rifle trigger. The guy is lucky to  alive. Why was a round chambered when the weapon was laying down inside the back seat?

Oct 2016 Police officer killed by fellow police officer during discussion about back up firearm safety. Also in 2016 a police officer kills a woman during citizen academy role playing exercise.

Point muzzle away from non targets, or never point a firearm at something your not willing to kill or destroy.

Nov 1988 and again Nov 2017 hunters have killed neighbors by mistake because they did not clearly identify their intended target.  AS you see it is not a new issue this is reoccurring every year usually during hunting season an right before the holiday what a way to ruin the spirit for everyone involved.

Keep finger off trigger until clearly identifying target

Nov 2018 An Oak Hill Florida man kills his long term girlfriend  he was responding to unknown persons allegedly shooting near by his campsite during a night time rainstorm. Failed to clearly identify his target.

Be sure of your target and what is beyond it.

Nov 2018 security officer killed by responding officers as he is detaining a shooting suspect at gunpoint.

Nov 2018 An legally armed concealed carry civilian is shot and killed by officers responding to a shooting incident at an Alabama Mall.

Jan 2018 Harrisburg Pa. officer is killed by fellow officers returning fire at a gunman, victim officer was standing behind a wall and the round passed through it killing him.

March 2016 A Prince George plain clothes police officer is shot and killed by a fellow officer during an active shooter incident at their police dept.

 Several of these are recent incidents and not all the information about the incident has been released one thing for sure alot of things are going on during these stressful situations.  As weapon carriers was need to understand our role and the role of responding officers. Are we clearly identified and are our actions going to be mistaken by others.

It can happen to anyone

A few years back, I was involved in an physical confrontation off duty where I was battered by a drunken transient when I asked him to leave another party alone. Naturally that woman left the scene before officers responded . When they did arrive we both were taken down at gunpoint and handcuffed until the situation was sorted out.

Same thing happened to my brother he responded as a citizen to a triple shooting at a trailer next door to his down in the Florida keys area. He is covered in blood from trending to the victims responding officers see him covered in blood secure him in cuffs and detain him for several hours until the investigation is completed.

Simply “COMPLY” to the responding officers commands because 9 times out of 10 they have no clue who you are, what your doing nd in some cases why your holding a weapon. Sure you might be doing the right thing and you might get a little dirty but suck up the ego  and live to tell the story another day.

Lastly  Keep you firearms secure from children.

 An Idaho woman was shot and  killed not to long ago when her child reached in to her purse while shopping at a Walmart.  Safe guard your weapon every second of everyday where ever your at because if you don’t Murphy will show up and give the anti gun people the ammunition they need to take way our firearms.

Some people  might feel my examples are unfair to law enforcement. These incidents happen to every firearm user civilian and law enforcement alike. It is unfortunate that the press highlights it more when a law enforcement officer is involved.

 I am not perfect and have made mistakes which violated the above rules and I have to live with those memories for the remainder. What I can do is continue to remind myself that I am human and as such can make mistakes but as a human I can work hard to prevent those from ever happening to me again.

Be safe my friends. Be sure to follow our blog for more informative articles.

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