Pets and prepping.

Pets will play a significant role

What part will pets play for the prepper? I use to think my now ex-wife would be my best friend and companion when times went bad but like usual, I (Yes honey) was wrong. I discovered my four-legged friends will be my best friends but what part will they play.

It only makes sense there will be losses and casualties. Your pets should be there to provide you comfort, drive and security. They will have an active place in end times mostly giving you a reason to get up each day and carry on. You know that whole British stiff upper lip thing. It may take more than your strong morning coffee to start your day.

My Rottweiler Sasha is up at the crack of dawn barking each day 7am sharp. You could set a clock by her. Right now there are 6 dogs of various breeds here at ML Mining Camp and until the time comes when dogs get thumbs they will need their “human” to open wet food cans and fill water bowls for them. Nice to feel needed again. Sometimes I wonder if it is not people that are the pets.

Biological threats to pets

Lucy the cattle dog and Sarge the resident old-timer patrol the perimeter several times a day chasing field mice, rabbits and coyotes away. That equates to keeping wild life hantavirus away. Hantavirus is a mice dropping airborne virus here in the Valley. One human fatality this year already.

Prairie dog plague and hantavirus are real health threats so keeping up with your personal hygiene especially after handling anything you pick up off the valley floor. Joining them on this patrol will get you moving and exercising as you examine the perimeter fence line for damage and foot prints. You can drag a tumble weed behind you on string if worried about leaving you’re prints on the ground.

Pets are keen watchmen

“The Walking Dead” in the form of meth head druggie’s prowling at night trying to steal your hard-earned property can be a realistic issue. One well-known San Luis Valley local Mike Rust fell victim to one such perpetrator. I have even been told stories of homes being broken into by these creatures. They have a lookout scanning with binoculars from mountain vantage points and calling their fellow dead via two-way radio after watching your car depart your property.

That is apparently what was happening to Mike Rust home on a regular basis. He was murdered when he confronted the dirt bag in the act. A good pet can be used as a deterrent and early warning detection devices.
One such example, a cat sitting in a screened porch of a Winter Garden Fl. residence gave away the presence of a wanted person we were hunting. He was laying down out of view and the cat gave away his position.

They will hear or sense something is out of place well before we do. We just need to be smart enough to pay attention. Dogs are pretty good judges of character and will alert you if they feel the bad vibes or intentions. I also recently learned that horses share the same ability.

Pets offer friendship and comfort

One VA post traumatic stress treatment center in Colorado brings patients to a local horse ranch. I was told the horse will not allow you near them if you are not at peace with yourself. They sense the negative or uneasy presence.
So for the price of a bag of Kibbles and Bits you can have security and a reason to get up plus something to keep your bed warm everyday. If they decide to leave they won’t take you to the cleaners.

Always remember be safe, healthy and marry ugly my friends. Be sure to follow our blog for more informative articles.

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