Power grid failure

Power Grid Failure

According to the United Nations, It is estimated that there are an estimated 3.9 Billion People that have access to and are using the internet. This equates to more than half of the entire global population. By the end of 2018, we will surpass the 50/50 milestone. It’s all being ran by the Power Grid. With power grid failure power comes change in our modern day routines.

Long gone are the days of the switchboard operator being replaced by the cellular telephones. They’re are enough processors in the palm of you’re hand to operate them which at one time would have filled a building the size of a city block. Technology today has advanced so far along but is still dependent upon electricity.

Lazy Days

People use to remember they’re friends telephone numbers by memorizing them or keeping a Rolodex filled with business contacts. Now with a simple press of a button or even asking you’re device, the phone call or webpage is instantly processed.

We have become a society of instant gratification. A dependent society on the needs of technology. We have become a lazy society. Some would say that things are much better now. This statement may be true in many ways but it has indeed hurt us in other ways. 

I remember those days before technology had evolved. Using the rotary dial phone and having friends that I played with at the neighborhood park. We had real relationships back then. People knew their neighbors and our parents knew each other.

People worked real jobs back then and they worked hard. Jobs that in many cases required physical labor. Heck, I remember even going out one summer and laying pallets of sod in the blistering Florida heat. Nowadays we have it made as compared to back then. Many of the physically demanding jobs have been replaced with machinery. The remainder of many of these positions have been filled by low skilled labor workers. Many of whom are in America illegally and paid in cash.

Are you be prepared

How many of you reading this have actually taken the time to consider the internet going down or even worse, The Power Grid Failure. Being unable to pump fuel from a gas pump without electricity, How would you fill you’re vehicle? Where would the food that you eat come from if it couldn’t be delivered to the store? What about the water that flows through you’re kitchen faucet? How will you live without this life sustaining necessity?

Gardening, Canning, Butchering a cow for meat? Are you prepared for what is to come? You may be sitting there and saying to yourself, “This is a bunch of BS”. Here are the facts my friend. It doesn’t matter from what perspective you look at the possibility of such an event occurring, It Will Occur!

The evidence is clear

Let’s view it from a scientific perspective. There is evidence all over the earth of asteroid and meteor impacts. Solar flares that occur regularly from the sun and even the threat of war utilizing EMP attacks from enemy countries. How about from a religious perspective? Have you read the bible? If so, you should consider that if you are still here after the rapture, you’ll be living off the grid. What about cyber attacks or mechanical failure? We could go on and on.

The whole point of this article is to get you to THINK ABOUT IT! Are you prepared for the power grid to go down? Have you got at least six months of food stored? Do you have clean water stored or purification equipment? Have you considered exercising you’re second amendment rites by purchasing a firearm and attending a good training program to become familiar with safely using it and storing it? These are things that you and you’re family should be having a conversation about. Consider preparing now because when it happens, it will be too late.


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