Prepper Relationships

Building prepper relationships

I for one am not exempt from a common issue that many preppers face. Networking and relationships have always been a common problem within the prepper stigma. Finding like minded people who are preparing for catastrophic events has always been a challenge as there is no common platform to help with building prepper relationships.

Searching for groups where preppers seem to gather to share their thoughts typically happen within social media or on a few worthy websites. This type of interaction however is not the same as belonging to a group who also seek to expand their prepper relationships and build their circle of friends.

Let’s talk about the stigma

Having the title of prepper associated to one’s name comes with a certain stigma. Preppers have been labeled as being hoarders, crazy, and dangerous unsafe people by many ignorant unprepared pin heads. A lot was changed however at the onset of the Coronavirus-19 scare and suddenly those same people were in panic mode.

The unprepared began hoarding supplies off of store shelves and placing a heavy demand on supply chains. The lack of availability of food and everyday household supplies sent a clear message. Many of the same unbelievers also became first time firearm buyer’s. This is also a very concerning situation because these purchasers have no proper training on firearm safety or practice. This also placed a heavy strain on background checks and greatly increased the waiting time for licenses.

The prepper state of mind with firearms

I recently had the pleasure of attending a license to carry class in San Antonio, Texas that was taught by a friend of mine Karl Killebrew. Karl is very knowledgeable about the LTC class that he teaches and is very thorough in covering every area as required by the state guidelines. Karl also expanded on other safety and tactical subjects as he has many years of experience within military and paramilitary organizations.

I also had the opportunity of speaking with the class and giving some insight into the responsibility’s and mindset of carrying a concealed firearm. One of the student’s in the class seemed to have not considered the possibility that killing someone with their firearm may come into play. Having the mindset of shooting people in the foot or only brandishing your firearm as a show of force will only get you killed. Safety training and target shooting should be conducted regularly to stay familiar with your weapon. Having more than one firearm and a good supply of ammo is an important part of prepping also.

The effects of becoming a prepper on family and loved ones.

Let’s be truthful about it. Being a prepper and having a good inventory of supplies and necessary equipment for living off grid can be a little hard to swallow for the average person. So the question is, “How do we educate”. I for one totally disagree with the shock and awe training school. I believe that creating an environment that is comfortable, can help with the digestion of this kind of information. That’s why you are here now. Reading in the comfort of your own home or wherever you may be and learning at your own pace.

Family’s and marriages have been destroyed because of life changes. Preppers are among the top of the list if the significant others are unwilling to be accepting and participating. Little changes, small steps and plenty of patience is required in such delicate issues. In meeting new friends, I believe that it is very important to choose like minded people as they will become an important part of your security network. I for one have been blessed with a great neighbor who is on the same level. I also recently made a wonderful friend out in the north west who is in the learning stage. We also share a very deep bond and common attraction for each other even with great distance between us.

Thirsting for prepper knowledge

With so many websites and social media pages available, how does a new person know what they’re learning is good information. I say it’s just like anything else. Use good common sense, research and customize your own survival situation. Share your information with your family and friends in a caring way to show that you are genuinely concerned for them. Partake in family and friend outings where you may practice survival skill techniques. Show off that really cool off grid equipment stuff at those picnics and football parties.

Whatever we can do to decrease the fear of others that we have not lost our minds and educate them in a loving way, is the most positive path to having better chances of survival for all of us. Prepping for catastrophic events does not discriminate against race or gender. It doesn’t matter what political affiliation you are. It’s all about just being prepared.

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