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Preppers coffee

I had a thought this morning while drinking my coffee and reflecting back on days gone by. Sipping my hot preppers coffee and thinking back in time.

I Just finished a two and a half year stint working for a community college in Orlando Florida. The security staff I worked with are great people dedicated to doing a great job keeping the youth of today safe but most of them were not coffee drinkers. People in their fifties not coffee drinkers? What is this county coming too. Boy did I feel out of place.

Coffee has much history

My research had coffee coming to America via the Dutch and British back in the mid 1600’s. Coffee of that day was a green bean which had to be roasted in a pan while paying constant attention to moving the beans around so they would not burn. Burned beans equaled bad tasting coffee.

The American Revolution in 1774 did a lot for coffee with John Adams pushing for coffee to become the patriotic drink over English tea. Coffee would have been shipped here from Holland by the Dutch. Coffee with Honey was the drink of the day.

Coffee Alternatives

Drinking coffee died off some during the Civil war because it was expensive and hard to get. In hard times coffee was replaced with garden herbs, spruce woods, sassafras roots or teas. One could call this the real Preppers Coffee.

The year 1864 saw improvements in roasting coffee. Family’s like the Arbuckles and Folgers made fortunes bringing coffee to the new frontiers like Texas and California. An old west cavalry officer had been quoted as saying “give a soldier coffee and tobacco and he will endure any privation and suffer any hardship”.

The process

Cooking frontier coffee required roasting the bean, grinding the roasted bean with a mortar and pestle then putting the grounds in boiling water. Most of the time fresh grounds were just added to the original pot. Just drop a chilled metal spoon into it to drawer the grounds to the bottom of the pot.

Coffee has seen it’s place as part of the military meal carrying soldiers through WW1, WW2, Korea and Vietnam in C rations and today’s MRE’s. There’s even stories of soldiers putting the powdered coffee just inside their lower lip just to stay awake during trying times.

We all have our ways

Back in the day I preferred mixing the MRE cocoa with coffee to make a strong mocha brew. Nowadays with Starbucks feeling like a million miles away I make due with my International Delight coffee creamers preferring pumpkin spice, white chocolate macadamia, and white chocolate raspberry. My brother calls them fire starters because of the ingredients which is more reason to have them during end times. Coffee should have a place in your survival rations. If you don’t drink it you can trade it.

With that in mind I think I will purify some water in my Berkey water purifier and have a hot cup of go juice.

Be safe and healthy my friends. Be sure to follow our blog for more informative articles.

Ralph Tcat

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