Survival Foraging

Survival Foraging To Survive

Survival Foraging during a Doomsday or Apocalyptic event situation will be done by many who are not prepared to survive on previously stored supplies. Try and imagine Hundreds of Thousands of people in dire straits. All of them searching for supplies to survive. Just trying to live through a day will be impossible for many.

The average prepper has made provisions for a minimum of six months for each person of they’re household. If a catastrophic event lasts longer than that, the survival rate will greatly decline due to Severe Environmental Impacts.

A poor man searches for foor in a trash bin.
Searching for food

When Supplies Run Out

We can only speculate at this point how bad things will actually be in this time that we’re preparing for. If we make it to the end of our stocked supplies, We too will need to begin Survival Foraging in order to survive. The days of running down to the local Super Walmart or Costco will be gone. Most of the stores and buildings will be emptied of anything capable of sustaining life.

Safety will be a major concern while checking buildings as people that arrived there before you will be very protective over the contents. They will not hesitate to take lives in order to preserve they’re own. The same can be said for property claims. Deeds and Titles will not hold any weight in these days just as money will have no value. There will be no courts to use a lawyer in. The Charles Darwin Theory of Natural Selection will be in full affect.

Where to Forage

Depending on your geographical location will determine where and how you gather supplies. If you are fortunate enough to live near the ocean and in a warm tropical climate, having access to marine life will be plentiful unless the sea is damaged by the event. Take for example the Fukushima Nuclear Incident. The conditions in the area affected could cause major health concerns as the land, water, marine and animal life can be severely contaminated. In this situation one would not want to take the risk of being contaminated by radiation.

Drastic situations doesn’t negate desperate measures. I personally have taken steps to have a plentiful amount of seeds for vegetables. Having the ability to produce my own produce will greatly increase my chances of survival. In the mean time until the produce will be ready, I’ll need other sources of edible vegetation. Knowing how to identify safe plants and berries while survival foraging will be an asset. Dandelion, Chickweed, Kudzu, Elderberry and Mayapple are just a few of the many available edible vegetation that you may have in your location.

Low tide on the coast. Many rocks, shells and sea life are exposed.
Low tide at the sea shore

Focusing on small animals

I can recall a story that my father told me many years ago. We were talking about opossums and how people enjoy taking they’re dogs into the woods to hunt them for sport. I remember the details vividly of him describing the time when he was a kid. He and his friends had shot one and cooked it on an open campfire for dinner. He mentioned how the grease ran down they’re chins as they ate the critter.

I can remember how the thought of eating one turned my stomach as it had only been a couple of nights before when I was driving my car from work. I had encountered an old flee bitten shaggy haired critter running across the road as I approached. My speeds too fast to stop, the opossum ran in front of me in a suicidal act.

I gripped the steering wheel tightly and can remember the sound of it bumping its head on the underbelly of my car. I opened my eyes and looked in the rear view mirror expecting to find the little fella squashed. To my surprise he was fine and continued his journey across the road like nothing ever happened.

I mention small game as a food source in survival foraging because they will be plentiful. If you are concerned about you’re safety like me, you’ll want to use ways of trapping and hunting animals without bringing out the 7mm Magnum and making a lot of noise. Snares, traps and quiet methods of delivering a projectile are best. A simple Bow and Arrow will be a worthy addition to you’re prepper supplies.

An Opossum makes its way through the tall grass.
An Opossum in tall grass

Planning Ahead

It is of my sincerest concern that we take away something positive from this article. Our future survival is dependent upon the preparation we make now. Educating ourselves now on the subject of survival foraging is something that cannot be taken away. It will remain with us wherever we go and is accessible at anytime from within our minds.

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