Tick Apocalypse

Spring and Summer Tick Seasons

The Spring and Summer Seasons are High Awareness months for ticks. Many states throughout the United States have joined efforts in fighting a war against the tick apocalypse.

There are many different species of ticks and depending upon your geographical location, you are more likely to encounter different ones. Ticks are widely distributed by animals over many thousands of miles.

Preppers Should Always Be Aware

Doomsday Preppers are likely to be outside more often than the average person. The likelihood of encountering ticks are elevated. Preppers that become exposed to a ticks bite can lead to severe health complications or even death. In a Doomsday situation where appropriate medical treatment may not be readily available, this can be devastating. Ticks commonly attach themselves to animals to feed upon. As the animal migrates, so will the tick.

Ticks wait for their meal on growing vegetation

Ticks typically await their hosts on leaves of shrubs, low hanging tree leaves and tall blades of grass just to name a few. When the host walks into the path of the awaiting tick, They simply climb onto the unsuspecting host. They then find their ideal location and dig in for the warm liquid lunch. I’ve personally seen ticks suck so much blood that they literally look like a Fat Grape!

Some common ticks to look out for

A common tick found East of the Rocky Mountains and Pacific Coast is the American Dog Tick. ( Dermacentor Variabilis ) The American Dog Tick transmits Tularemia and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Another name for the Dog Tick is Wood Tick. The adult female of the species are most likely to bite humans.

Another species of tick that one may encounter is the Brown Dog Tick (Rhipicephalus sanguineus) This type of tick is found World Wide. It can transmit Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Dogs are the typical host for this species but it will also bite humans and other species of animals.

Black Legged ticks are a species commonly found across the Eastern United States. It transmits the B. Mayonii and Borrelia burgdorferi which may cause Lyme Disease, Powassan Virus Disease and another form of relapsing fever disease.

The Lone Star Tick is a very aggressive tick that bites humans. This tick is found abundantly throughout the South Eastern and Eastern United States. Some diseases that it can cause are Heartland Virus, Ehrlichiosis, Tularemia and Stari.

Some ways to prevent tick bites and a Tick Apocalypse

Treating clothing and gear with 0.5% permethrin can help in repelling ticks. EPA registered insect repellents such as DEET has also been effective in repelling ticks. The Center for Disease Control has several recommendations for repellents. Information can also be found on how to properly remove a tick if one is found on you or your pet. Prevention of a Tick Apocalypse begins with Tick Awareness. Implementing a solid tick eradication plan, can help in controlling the migration of ticks between hosts.

Controlled burns of vegetation and certain insecticides play a major roll in eradication. Checking pets and personal clothing often after being outside especially during the summer months, is highly important.


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