UFO’s and the Prepper

Do Aliens Really Exist?

UFO’s and the Prepper should be a very real topic and is a valid subject for discussion. The age old question of Do Aliens Really Exist has been controversial for decades. I for one my fellow preppers am a believer and believe ufo’s and the prepper is a valid topic.

Collective Evidence Exists

There are many documented sightings of UFO’s by eye witness testimony. Roswell New Mexico UFO crash was one of the most publicized events in history and to this day remains one of the most controversial. Many people have came forward with they’re account of the incident and claims of it being a government coverup.

Advancements in technology have given the United States Navy and Air Force the ability to track Unidentified Flying Objects using sophisticated computer tracking technology. Some of this technology was released in a 2015 UFO video and detailed news coverage of the incident.

2015 Navy UFO’s Encounter

NUFORC is another well known organization for it’s records of encounters. Many cases of UFO sightings have been documented by witnesses and investigated by they’re professional investigators. Many professional’s such as Pilots, Law Enforcement and well known people have reported sighting’s

My own experience with UFO’s

I can recall back when I was a child in 1976. I lived with my parents in a rural area on about ten acres of land. My parents had built a new home on the front portion of the property which was close to the county road. I remember one day while walking on the back side of the property, I observed an area of flattened vegetation. The area was approximately forty feet in a circular diameter. I found the area interesting because all of the grass, weeds and brush was laid down in the same direction as if something heavy had sat on it and turned.

This area of the property was not affected by machinery or people as our nearest neighbor was about five miles away. In 2001, I lived in Western North Carolina. I had just driven out to my girlfriends house after work. As I turned onto the long country lane from the main road and headed to her house, I took notice of something in the sky. The object resembled a long metallic cigar and was silver in color.

It appeared to be about twenty five hundred feet up. It would have been close to the same altitude of conventional flying aircraft. I stopped my truck and got out to take a better look at the object. Just as soon as I had stepped out, the object began turning its broad side away from me. It eventually became a small round object and slowly went the opposite direction until it was gone.

So how is prepping related to UFO’s?

This my friends is a very good question for you to think about. The truth is that we really don’t know what we are up against. There Is Something going on as supported by witnesses. Many people have theories. In my opinion, whatever they are; they are capable of moving in ways that we can’t

There is a possibility that they could be military aircraft. If that is the case, one would have to wonder if they are friend or foe. Either way whether or not they are of this planet or other worldly doesn’t matter. The point to consider is that There Is Something Going On!

So how do you prepare?

This is the big question. The whole reasoning behind Prepping is to be ready for the unknown. We don’t know what they are for sure or where they come from. We do know however what they’re flying craft are somewhat capable of doing. I don’t live in fear of a scenario comparable to “The War Of The Worlds”.

What I do though is Prepare for what might happen if certain things don’t work anymore. I have portable water purification in place should the city water not work anymore. With this one item alone, I am able to make drinkable water from any questionable water source. I also keep a six months supply of freeze dried food and heirloom seeds. I have other life supporting implements and personal protection as well.

What’s you’re experience?

I always welcome you’re comments and questions. There are many people today who question if we actually even went to the moon. Many would even question my sighting of the cigar shaped object that I spoke about above. This is and will always be a controversial subject. It is only something that those people who have experienced it can relate too. Feel free to leave you’re story in the comments!


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