The urgency of prepping

More urgent now than ever

Many of my friends and family think that I’m crazy for being a prepper. I think that with all of the things going on in the world today that they are crazy for not being one. Skeptics will say “oh that occurred in a different country. It won’t happen in the United States.” Read again because it is happening here. The urgency of prepping is more now than ever.

Head line: Dam collapses in Brazil kills 40 , 300 still missing. While the bulk of these types of disasters occur in countries that are poorly regulated, similar events have occurred in this country also.

 The 2017 California wild fire was caused by a privately owned electrical company. In 2018, seventy natural gas explosions occurred in Andover Massachusetts destroying 39 homes and killing 1 person.  June 2018 a walk bridge in South Florida collapsed killing several people. Don’t think it won’t happen here.

Then there is the seasonal wide spread medical concerns of airborne communicable illnesses.

Head Line:  Flu shuts schools in Alabama, Kentucky effect 38 states per Center Of Disease Control.

Head Line :  Governor Declares state of emergency for Measles out break in Seattle Washington.

Add mother nature throwing in her two cents with Brutal Arctic surge. IT sends temperatures  plunging with the cold weather making road impassable and closing closures. 

Head lines:. New York’s State police close several local bridges after 8 vessels break free from their mooring on Hudson River.

People need to wake up! We are responsible for our own safety and well being. Don’t be waiting on someone else to save you. Be prepared for a wait like the couple on Mersey Island in Essex England. They lived out of their car for nine weeks. They waited for the government to find them housing when the sewer system damaged their home.

What about the California Couple who was stranded in their car for two weeks. It was  because a tree fell across a remote mountain road blocking their passage. The only reason they survived was because they were somewhat prepared. They had some food and a way to melt snow for water. Later they were able to hike out to receive a cell phone signal and call for help. They waited for two weeks  for someone else to save them?

The heart breaking mass shooting in Sebring Florida Bank where the management did not feel the need to provide security. Nobody had the presence of mind to save themselves by having a concealed weapon. All five victims were shot execution style while laying on the floor. They didn’t resist and died at the hands of a man with mental health issues.

Being a prepper is about being prepared to save yourself. It’s not about laying blame or cleaning up the mess afterward. It’s time to wake up and save yourself. Don’t wait on the government to give you a hand because it has enough problems of it’s own. Traumatic things like these are proof that the urgency of prepping is more now than ever.

Please keep the family’s of all these events in your prayers. None of them asked to be victims.  Their only mistake was relying on someone else to make the proper decisions.

AS always please be safe and healthy my friends.

Ralph Tcat.

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