Mental Survival when SHTF

Mental Preparation

Mental Survival when SHTF will depend on your mental preparation for the unknown in a trained response to an out of control situation. Being mentally prepared is the key element in survival.

You have probably had this scenario or a similar one run through you’re mind before, but that was it.  Maybe it was a fleeting thought or a daydream type vision.

There you are in a life threatening situation or a survival type catastrophic event.  You don’t have a lot of time to plan now because it is after the fact.  You have a family or some dear loved ones to think about.

Scenarios to think about

Maybe It’s just you and you’re dear elderly 85 year old mother.  You could have a young wife and two small children.  Maybe the children are infants.  Maybe there are health issues to consider.

What ever the case may be, you’ve got to make choices right now that will affect everyone’s life including you’re own.  Chances are for many people, they nor they’re loved ones are not mentally prepared for a catastrophic type situation.

What would you do if you’re 90 year old father with Alzheimer’s Disease decided to have an angry spell and refused to bug out?  Maybe one of you’re infant children needed a special medication or medical machinery for their health issue and couldn’t travel on foot?  What if there was no working machinery, electrical equipment or running vehicles due to EMP or Power Grid Failure. Many people are not prepared for what could happen in catastrophic situations by possessing all of the supplies, equipment or shelter resources they would need.

How professionals prepare

Being mentally prepared is the most valuable asset one can possess. Military, Law Enforcement and many other First Responder personnel have had rigorous training in emergency type situations and are better equipped mentally than the average person.

And even though they train for many emergency situations, they still can’t be prepared for everything.  Take for example the attack on 09/11/2001 when the twin towers were attacked.  Many First Responder’s there that day still suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other health issues.

Many times in these situations, First Responders perform how they have trained in the past.  When the training doesn’t apply to the situation, they act on instinct. Mental Survival when SHTF and practice are what gets them through it.

Our current involvement in real world issues especially within our immediate surroundings, One never knows when or where an event can occur.  First Responders in they’re training usually receive some sort of mental preparedness training and is beneficial to all people.

A worthy technique

In basic description, picture your thought’s as a traffic light.  With the three colors of the traffic light ( Green, Yellow and Red ) It’s best to stay in the mindset relating to the color yellow.  In the event that something tragic happens, It’s a much smoother transition of thoughts from yellow to red as opposed to green to red.

Staying in the yellow means always being cautious and aware of you’re surroundings.  Always being aware of the people within you’re close proximity and making eye contact with them briefly.  Always being alert and having some type of plan in situations of Fight or Flight.

Even though we can never be prepared for everything that can go wrong, We can be better mentally prepared for how we are going to react.  Having the ability to stay calm and collected in dire situations, can almost guarantee a better outcome by making better choices.


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